Shoesday Tuesday – Patriotic Thursday


Screen shot 2013-07-02 at 1.42.43 PM

Everything you need for July 4th – feet related, anyway.

Get it: (top left heading clockwise) White and Blue Striped Pumps: $770, Thin Stripe Mules – $123, Blue Ankle Strap Sandal – $50, Red and White Striped Loafer – $272, Red and White Dotted Ballet Flat – $50, Patent Leather Blue Bow Flat – $68, White Ankle Strap Sandal – $109, Red Wedge Sandal – $115


Shoesday Tuesday – Hunting


Shoesday Tuesday - Hunting

Someone please find me these Isabel Toledo for Payless shoes from 2011. I borrowed them from a friend once when my shoes literally broke in half mid-step, and have been obsessed since. They are the perfect height, adorable, and so comfortable. Ebay only has them in a size 6 and I’m dying at the reality that my feet are 3 whole sizes bigger than that.

I will not give up.

Shoesday Tuesday – Teach An Old Dog New Tricks


I’ve never really had too much of a prejudice against a specific type of shoe – except maybe sneakers – but, I must say that I’ve always been a little luke warm about mules.

Recently, my best friend purchased a pair for her new burlesque venture and I thought to myself – cute, pin up inspired little shoe – am I missing out?

Fast forward a couple weeks to a day of online window shopping when I stumbled upon these beauties – I had to have them.


(With any luck they’ll be delivered to my office tomorrow.)

So let’s explore, open our minds, and step into a new pair of shoes.


Get it: (left to right, top to bottom) Pink Suede Open Toe Mule – $540, Patent Leather Black and White Mule Sandal – $75, Faux Reptile Peep Toe Bootie Mule – $41, Vivienne Westwood Patent Leather Red Mule – $100, Classic Mule – $59

Happy Branching Out!


Shoesday Tuesday – Wishful Thinking


With 50 degree temperatures a fond memory of the past couple weeks and slushy, snowy wintry mixes an unfortunate reality of the present – I still haven’t taken my new red (beautiful) strappy heels for a spin.

I tried to cheer myself up with a thigh high stocking/sock double layer combo today – but alas, I am really just tired of wearing my winter coat.

As Spring officially begins in two days – let’s all close our eyes, wait for 11:11 and wish for warmer weather.

Here’s what you should be picturing:

Screen shot 2013-03-19 at 10.59.24 AM

Get it: The shoes – $80, The High Waist Tuxedo Short – $52, The Peplum Blazer – $550, The Crop Top – $45, The Bag –  $45, The Stacking Rings – $5, The Shield Ring – $15


Shoesday Tuesday – Electoral Escapism


Tonight, I’ll be blogging about two very American concepts – voting and escapism.

Today is election day. As a woman – who 100 years ago wouldn’t have been able to vote – I don’t take this day lightly. And while NYC has let me down twice throughout this Presidential race – I’m remaining hopeful and feeling patriotic.

Always the one to express myself via clothing – I opted for a bit of red, white, and blue today. (IRL proof to come) As I type, there are only 30 minutes left to vote on the East Coast – so here’s some American inspired shoe candy to keep you hopeful for your candidate.

Get it: (upper left corner heading clockwise) Blue Cut Outs – $910, Red Toe Capped Pumps – $40, White Wedges – $190, Blue Lattice Heels – $thesebelongtotheinterweb ,White Ruffle Ankle Boot – $524, Red Patent Leather Bootie – $1,155, Studded Heeled Bootie – $64, American Flag Pumps – $32

And just in case your candidate doesn’t win tonight – you can take part in America’s other past time – escapism.

Being a fashion designer, artist, and teacher – I look at art
(and fashion) from many different angles. No matter what your background or profession might be – art is often used as an escape from reality. To me – fashion has always been art and in that vein, has also always been an escape.

I will never stop looking into every single shoe store I walk by. I’m even drawn to pairs of shoes you couldn’t pay me to put on my own feet. All forms of expression are artistic to me and I can find beauty in almost all things. A special kind of beauty. The kind that just makes me light up from the inside. And that might sound trivial or silly – but it’s better than finding the ugly in everything you see, everywhere you go.

So take a look at some beauty. Some pieces of art I was instantly drawn to – possibly for no reason. I might not want to own all of these things. (And I definitely wouldn’t spend money on them all..) But at those times where I need to escape – this is where I find it.

Get it: (row by row – left to right) Buckled Up Open Toe Bootie – $560, Gold Embellished Front Boots – $1,833, Studs and Chains Wedges – $60, Blue and Black Leather Ankle Boot – $845, Embellished Toe Mary Jane – $1,695, Alexander McQueen Grey Studded Heel – $1,365, Alexander McQueen Zipped and Studded Bootie – $1,435, Royal Blue Studded Pumps – $100, Balenciaga Patent Leather Mary Jane Pumps – $945, Criss-Cross Front Ankle Boot – $875, Balenciaga Color Blocked Pump – $725, Red T-Straps – $1,095, Wooden Heel Platform Pumps – $355, Glitter Stella McCartney Loafer Heels – $600, Bronze Peep Toes – $795, Valentino Studded Bootie – $1,155, Yves Saint Laurent Striped Ankle Strap – $1,195, Side Bow Ankle Boot – $297

Back to Patriotism. Here’s our IRL shoe of the day.

Yours truly bringing America to the workplace.

Time to hold tight for the rest of the evening waiting for the results. If things don’t go my way – I plan on escaping to France. Feel free to meet me there. I’ll be standing outside a shoe store.


Shoesday Tuesday: Savoring Summer


So it’s officially almost the end of summer and the countdown begins to September 22nd and falling leaves. The fashion rule of thumb says “No white after labor day,” but supposedly rules were meant to be broken. But, in case you are a stickler for rules – maybe the following eye candy will sway you.

Get it: (from top left, going clockwise) White Studded Gladiator Sandal – $16, Eyelet Courts in White and Tan – $100, Christian Louboutin Ankle Strap Pumps – $waytoomuch, White Studded Ankle Boots – $50, Stud Slippers – $64, Alice + Olivia Strappy Heel – $207, White Sling Back – $80, Lundberg Ankle Boot – $79, Metal Cap Mary Janes – $, Studded Wedge Sandal – $43, Saddle Shoes – $60, Phillip Lim Pumps – $450

And just in case you insist on keeping with tradition – check out some pre fall favorites to make you forget about the beach and look forward to thigh high socks!

Get it: (from top left, going clockwise) Ace Brown Ankle Boot – $750, Leather Lace Up Boots – $79, Cut Out Bootie – $don’tevenlook, Zara Studded Ankle Boot – $129, Givenchy Lace Up Boot – $don’tevenlookpart2, Leopard Open Toe Bootie – $whydoIkeeppickingsuchexpensiveshoes, Jessica Simpson Patched Leather Ankle Boot – $140, Alexander McQueen Cut Out Bootie – $seriouslyI’msorry, Alice + Olivia Suede Ankle Boot – $, Alaia Suede and Mesh Bootie – $nextpostwillbebargainshoes!, Front Strap Wooden Platforms – $okaylastone

For a cheaper option – today’s IRL shoe again comes from yours truly. These babies are my favorite all-year-round-started-out-comfortable-but-now-they-kind-of-hurt amazing shoe for a night on the town. And I got them on sale! Even better. TopShop, ladies.

Seriously – next week – bargain shoes. Get ready because I’m really good at it!!



Top Ten: Things We Love about the Fourth!!


Top Ten: Things We Love about the Fourth!!

1. Red Lips!

2. BBQ!

Photo: Dana Tarr

3. Fireworks

4. Jeffrey Campbell’s American Flag Lita Boots!

5. Patriotic Nail Art

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