The Art of Hair


The Art of Hair

This weekend I saw the new Ice-T documentary “The Art of Rap: Something from Nothing”. The documentary discusses the origins of rap/hip-hop and what inspires each artist and how they influence the musical culture.

It got me thinking of “The Art of Hair”. There are so many stylists that have gone thru the hair world that have left a large imprint in the way men and women look. I can go as far back as the 17th century and mention the hairdresser Champagne. He was history’s first “coiffeur” and designed signature looks for royalty and aristocrats. Lets move on to Kenneth Battelle. He was famous for giving Jackie Kennedy her bouffant and created a very structured but feminine look. And of course when discussing famous stylists only one name comes to mind and that is the late, great Vidal Sassoon. Vidal was an amazing stylists that looked at hair as shapes and created geometric styles that are still part of the hair culture today. He made it ok for women to have shorter & interesting hairstyles that still looked feminine and made women feel like rockstars. Vidal has been a great influence on me and is the main reason why I have been moved into working in the hair world and even the way I look today. You see his signature Mia Farrow pixie even to this day on celebrities like Michelle Williams and Ginnifer Goodwin. While it is a month later I still want to say that Vidal Sassoon was one if not the only greatest stylist, whose vision and passion for making beautiful hair will be missed but admired and replicated for years to come.

So when thinking about hair you have to remember that your stylist is a true artist. To look at someones head and help them realize what cut or color would work for them is a true art form. You have to know color, shapes and how the person wants to maintain their hair. You can influence someones mood or personality just by their hair. I love hair and love to make people happy and I hope with my postings every week I can help guide you towards the look you want or maybe the look you never knew you wanted. Because happy clients are the best clients!