Shoesday Tuesday – Spring Trends, a How To


Fashion is run by trends – we all know that. However, it’s what you do with said trends that creates personal style. There’s nothing wrong with embracing a new trend – but some can be tricky. Here are some tips:

  • Pick one trend and stick with that.
  • If the trend you are going for is bright, busy, or flashy – tone down the rest of your ensemble to compliment it and let it pull the focus.
  • If it doesn’t flatter your body type – don’t take it personally. Always place blame on the clothes – not on your body.
  • Take risks.

With that out of the way – let’s check out four shoe trends for Spring 13 (which weather-wise is rapidly approaching – finally) and put them into real life action!


Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 12.04.52 PMGet it: (right to left, top to bottom) Neon Peep Toe Ankle Bootie – $995, Two Toned Transparent Pump – $280, Double Ankle Strap Toe Cap Pump – $10, Neon Ankle Strap Pump – $29, Transparent Cut Out Brogues – $110, Red Patent Flats – $90, Studded Pointed Pump – $42, Color Blocked Metallic Transparent Pump – $1,095

70’s Inspired.

Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 12.04.29 PM

Get it: (left to right, top to bottom) Gold and Orange Platform Wedge Sandal – $810, Wooden Studded Black Cut Out Wedge – $110, Cork Cut Out Platform Sling Back – $130, Zig Zag Printed Platform Sandal – $100, Silver and Rust Ankle Strap Mule – $525, Floral Printed Cross Over Sandal – $114

Color Blocking.

Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 12.05.03 PM

Get it: (upper left, heading clockwise) Metallic Strappy Platform Sandal – $750, Tri Color Ankle Strap Platform Pump – $850 –, Thick Strap Tri Color Pump – $765, Tan and Pink Ankle Strap Wedge – $490, Pink and Wine Pointed Cut Away Pump – $225, Patent Leather Neon Ankle Strap Sandal – $79, Tri Color Pointed Flat – $25, Bright Penny Loafers – $530


Screen shot 2013-03-05 at 12.05.11 PM

Get it: (from the top, heading clockwise) Strappy Sandal – $350, Peep Toe Ankle Strap Flat – $17, Solid Pointed Flat – $17, Metallic Brogue – $190, Snakeskin Metallic Sandal – $336, Ankle Strap Sandal Pump – $695

And for this week’s IRL shoe – check out my newest score. Hologram Pointed Toe Mary Janes from Christian Siriano’s Payless Collection. These shoes were made to be on my feet.


Happy Shopping! <33Mal

Shoesday Tuesday – New York Fashion Week of Shoes


Before I get into discussing the shoe beauty of NYFW Fall 2013, I’d like to extend my apology for missing last week’s Shoesday Tuesday due to a killer sore throat and a memory lapse!

Onto the shoes.

NYFW has come and gone (now it’s London’s turn) and having only attended one show (Costello Tagliapietra – who had some pretty fabulous floral pumps stomping the runway) – I turned to the interwebs to educate myself.

Thanks to for giving me everything I needed in one place!

I have immediately fallen in love with the following:

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 10.19.15 AM

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 10.19.07 AM

And my personal favorite:

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 10.18.58 AM

Also bringing me eye candy was Bows and Shoes – my two favorite things:


And to wrap it up neatly with a designer I showcased in my last entry – shone the spot light on Alejandro Ingelmo.

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 10.22.45 AM

All of which I will wait patiently for until Forever 21 knocks them off next year and I can buy ’em for $24.80!


Shoesday Tuesday – Sock Out


In late August and September while everyone is preparing to mourn the loss of summer; I am getting excited about one very specific thing. Knee High Socks and Thigh Highs. A definite staple in my fall/winter wardrobe, my mother even felt the need to explain the presence of Betsey Johnson ankle socks in the Christmas gift bag containing my two requested pairs of knee highs. (As if I’d shun them – I’m wearing them right now!)

A lot of ladies feel like they can’t “pull off” the knee sock/thigh high look. On the contrary. First of all, 75% of pulling off a look is confidence. The other 25% is a combination of knowing your proportions and appropriate styles.

Be it with a mini or skater skirt, shorts, or dress – you can’t just wear any pair of shoes with this look. Fear not – just check below and rock your socks proudly.

Mary Janes.


Get it: (upper left corner heading clockwise) Patent Leather Tied Mary Janes – $44, Purple Suede Platform Mary Janes – $375, Two Tone Stiletto Mary Jane – $36, Thick Cream Heeled Mary Jane – $410, Silver Toe Cap Mary Jane – $110, Criss Cross Strap Mary Jane – $349, Red Patent Leather Mary Jane – $685



Get it: (top to bottom by column, left to right) Green Trimmed Leopard Brogue – $95, Tri Color Neutral Brogue – $595, Gray Oxford Brogues – $285, Tri Color Heeled Brogue – $120, White Cut Out Brogue – $335, Silver Two Piece Brogue – $295, Floral Brogue – $29, Glitter Brogue – $940, Two Tone Purple Brogue – $98, Oxford Brogue with Transparent Sides – $36



Get it: (left middle side heading clockwise) Gold Toe Cap Pointed Flat – $32, Studded Wrapped Flat – $157, White and Gold Bow Flat – $79, Studded Bow Flat – $41, Blue Suede Mary Jane Flat – $33, Black Patent Leather Penny Loafer – $35

This weeks IRL shoe comes to us from the NYC Subway system. Not exactly a sock per say, but this lady’s pairing of gem tone tights and t-strap flats is a look I might need to steal.



Shoesday Tuesday – New Year, New Styles


Happy New Year everyone! I’m not one for resolutions – but I am one for positive thinking, ambition, and new beginnings.

As I take advantage of the January sales with my Christmas gift cards – I’m getting tired of seeing the same shoe trends in every store. Please let 2013 usher in the end of heelless wedges, spiked sneakers, and lace up Jeffrey Campbells.

In the spirit of looking forward – here are some new styles I’ve spotted that I hope will catch on.

Cut Outs.


Cut Out Studded Oxfords – $175

Revamped Mary Janes.


Colorblocked Double Strap Mary Janes – $70

Thick Ankle Straps.


Metallic Accent Ankle Strap Sandals – $165

Ombre Heels.


Ombre Heel T-Strap Sandals – $135

Wooden Accents.


Wooden Soled Vegan Leather Sandals – $46

New Prints.


Pastel Printed Heels – $160

Fingers Crossed. Happy Shopping!


Shoesday Tuesday – How to Beat the System


Everything in fashion is a looped chain. Since almost no ideas are brand new ideas – designers look to the past for inspiration. New trends start at the very top – runway, couture, etc. Then season by season, things get repurposed, stream lined, and brought down a level on the money chain.

Everyone steals from everyone. It’s the law of the land. As long as you change 30% – you can’t get sued. That’s an actual rule.

Can’t afford that Zara dress? Wait a season – it’ll be at Urban Outfitters. Don’t want to pay Urban’s prices? Wait a season for Forever 21 to turn out their version. You’re going to lose some quality along the way – but in our country’s high shopping turn over rate it only makes sense to sacrifice quality for quantity.

In this vain – today I bring you some on trend shoe staples sitting comfortably at two notches on the fashion food chain. High end and low end. The designer versions might be a season old while the low end knock offs are most likely hot off the presses. Either way – this is how you beat the system, ladies.

High End On Trend Beauties ($500 and up)

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 11.40.08 AM

Get it: (upper left hand corner, heading clockwise) Wedge Boot – $550, Double Ankle T-Strap – $725, Gold Heel Ankle Boot – $689, Studded T-Strap Flat – $670, Studded Loafer – $990, Ankle Strap Sandal – $735

Low End Bargain Staples ($50 and below)

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 11.39.58 AM

Get it: (upper left hand corner, heading clockwise) Double Buckle Wedge Boot – $43, Double Ankle T-Strap – $50, Glitter Heel Ankle Boot – $50, Studded T-Strap Flat – $47, Studded Loafer – $45, Ankle Strap Sandal – $32

Today’s IRL shoes come from one of my discount victories. $20 shoes are always right up my ally. Studded Oxford trend – check! And these babies are super comfortable – double check!



Shoesday Tuesday (Wednesday) – A Belated Lesson in Thanksgiving Dressing


After an hour of unsuccessfully trying to get my computer to turn on last night (only after completing the longest day of my professional work life) it’s time for a belated Wednesday version of Shoesday Tuesday.


Luckily, I’m thankful for a lot more than just makeshift technology.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving – let’s figure out what we should wear this turkey day. Most of the time – I base my outfit around the shoes I’d like to wear. (I’m sure this surprises no one.)


So let’s take a look at some basic on trend staples and accessorize them with clothes for a change.


The Studded Ankle Boot

Get it: The shoe – $20, the dress – $70, The cape – $12, The bag – $36, The scarf – $16, The glasses – $


Mid-Calf Leather Boot



Get it: The shoe – $48, The sweater – $24, The skirt – $32, The hat – $32, The gloves – $50


The Animal Loafer



Get it: The shoe – $30 , The dress – $35 , The cape – $25 , The belt – $5 , The gloves – $22 , The ring – $25


The Glitter Pump




Get it: The shoes – $40 , The top – $50 , The pants – $19 , The cape – $140, The bag – $35 , The cuff – $44


Apparently I love a cape. Maybe I’ll base my own outfit off of that instead..





Hey Everyone!!!

So last week I had the pleasure to do my besties hair. After a hard couple of weeks dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy Cheryl was ready to get a little pampering. It had been a little over 6 weeks since the last time I had done a partial highlight on her and many months since she had, had a haircut. So this time we decided to add in a lowlight to give her some dimension and bring her into the fall. I used the Aveda color line. For my colorists out there her formula was daylight + 40 volume, enlightener + 20 volume + 7n permanent + violet/blue + 20 volume. After she was done processing I put a toner on her just to freshen up the previous highlights she had and give her a little shine. The formula for that was Universal 0n + 10n + violet/blue + light yellow/orange + crème cta. I let the toner sit on for about 5 minutes.


I used the Aveda Pure Abundance Shampoo and Conditioner on Cheryl. This line will give you lots of body and movement without drying out your hair.

For Cheryl’s haircut she wanted to improve the health/condition of her hair but still wanted to maintain length while adding some volume/weight. We agreed on taking 1 1/2” off all around and giving her square layers. By doing square layers Cheryl was able to receive that extra volume without loosing length or exposing too much. I freshened up her front angle and trimmed her bang as she is growing it out/wants to keep them long.

For her blowout I used lots of volumizing products. I used the Pure Abundance Style Prep, Volumizing Tonic and then blew her out. Once she was all dry and I went in and checked the haircut and then used some finishing products. I used Light Elements Smoothing fluid (to add shine) and the Pure Abundance Hair Potion. This product is one of my absolute FAVORITES! It gives you lots of volume at the root, keeps oil down and has a little hold in it. I am obsessed.



In the end Cheryl felt great about herself and her look for the fall and I was so happy to do it for her.





Shoesday Tuesday – New Standbys


As a NYC girl – the past two weeks have given us some unpredictable weather to say the least. Between a hurricane, a snow storm, and then some 65 degree sunny days – it’s almost difficult to get dressed in the morning.
Time to go back to basics. Stick to things that will always be in style!
In an effort to stay away from boring – check out these new twists on some good ol’ standbys.
Animal Prints will never go out of style. And we all know how I feel about leopard print.
Get it: Top left corner headed clockwise –
Zebra Peep Toe Bootie – $580, Cheetah Strappy Sandal – $50, Studded Zebra Wedge Sneaker – $56, Studded Heel Leopard Loafers – $63, Orange Trim Snake Slingback – $795, Multi Print Platforms – $1,106, Gold and Leopard Slip Ons – $198, Leopard Back Black Booties – $40, Zebra Platform Sandals – $48
You can never go wrong with a stripe – be it nautical or rainbow inspired.
Get it: Row by Row – Left to Right –
Multi Color Ankle Strap Wedge – $60, Black and White Platform Pumps – $990, Teal Stripe Mary Janes – $80, Black and White Loafers – $1,295, Striped Wedge Black Ankle Boot – $140, Creamsicle Orange Striped Sandal – $90, Multi Stripe Ankle Strap Wedge – $239, White and Light Blue Ankle Boot – $475, Gold and Black Striped Wedge – $520, Striped Peep Toe with Pink Ankle Strap – $70


Florals. Not just for Spring.
Get it: Row by Row – Left to Right –
Paisley Floral Peep Toe Pump – $55, Neon Floral Lace Up Bootie – $495, Pastel Floral Mary Jane – $62, Pink Floral Keds – $45, Vintage Floral Lace Up Bootie – $49, Purple and Yellow Wedge Platform Boot – $168, Black and Blue Floral Strappy Wedge – $48, Orange Floral Pump – $255, Nicholas Kirkwood 3D Floral Heeled Pump – $1,495, Black Vintage Floral Boot – $495, Pink Platform Peep  Toe Pump – $50
For this week’s IRL shoe – here’s a real classic of mine from over 4 years ago. Still rocking them just this week. You can’t go wrong with a cut out leopard pump.
Until next week – <33Mal




I started doing my bestie Alena’s hair a little less then a year ago. We started out by doing an ombre on her. Her base color was a mid reddish brown and every time I touched up the base color I would add more ombre pieces. Eventually Alena had a full ombre (she wanted to start off slowly because she didn’t want too much of a shock) This past weekend she decided to go all one color. She wanted the end result to be a deeper chocolate shade, her inspiration being Reese Witherspoon in “Walk the Line”. Here is step by step of what we did.

1. First I had to fill in the ombre pieces, because if we had put the end result color on her the ombre would still shine thru. I used a demi permanent brown color with no tones and had it sit for 30 minutes. (Color formula: 5n + ½ creme cta and ½ liquid cta-Aveda color line)


2. We washed and dried her ends.


3. Alena only had less then 1” of new growth so it was not required to create 2 formulas for her new growth and ends. If she did have lots of new growth I could have created two formulas just to avoid hot root or having a difference between the new growth and mid-lengths and ends.


4. I applied the new color on her new growth first. Then I went thru section by section and applied it to the mid-lengths and ends. Doing it this way was time consuming, however it is very important to make sure that the hair is evenly saturated so that the old color does not come thru. (Color formula: ½ 5n + ½ 4n + dark yellow/orange + dark blue/violet + 20 volume)


5. After processing for 30 minutes I rinsed the color out thoroughly and did 1 shampoo with Aveda’s Color Conserve shampoo. This shampoo is very gentle, helps lock in the color for longer, prevents fading and has a wonderful wintergreen aroma. I then applied a shine coat on her hair. (Color formula: 0n + creme cta) The shine coat gave her added shine and more softness to her hair. We had that sit for 5 minutes, for added results you could have the shine coat sit for a full 20 minutes. We did 1 more shampoo with Aveda’s Dry Remedy (for added moisture) and then I used the Aveda Dry Remedy Hair Masque.


6. And voila Alena’s color is rich and beautiful and she is ready for fall.