Breaking the Mold


Breaking the Mold

Tulip Bathing Suits
Bombshell by: Keriann

A week ago today I had the honor of showing my line, Bombshell Clothing, at the Shortstack’s 6th Annual Charity Fashion Show. The show was held at the Gorgeous Midtown Loft and Terrace on 5th Ave. This was my third year being involved in the show, and will definitely not be my last. There is nothing I love more then some awesomely bad ass girls who all get together and work the runway for a better cause.

Shortstack™ is a teen driven fashion and modeling program. Its goal is to allow young girls who do not fit the “normal” model standards to be a part of charitable fashion events. For years, girls have been rejected from the modeling industry because they are too short. Shortstack was created by teens under the guidance of Windows of Opportunity, Inc. to give these “short” girls a chance at achieving their dreams as models and empower them to love themselves for who they are. Proceeds from the Fashion Show will be donated to Windows of Opportunity, Inc.’s Youth Development Programs, such as the HIV Empowerment and Leadership Program (HELP), “The Inner You” Program for Eating Disorders, and more.

The Girls involved in Shortstack are by far some of the best models I have had the pleasure of working with. Why blend in when you can stand out, and that’s exactly what these girls do!

xo Keriann


Lip Statement!


Lip Statement!

Mac Pink Nouveau

      Ladies the hot summer days are upon us, meaning the hotter it is the less makeup we wear. Just because you’re wearing less makeup doesn’t mean you can’t stand out. This is where making a lip statement comes in. A bright lip can complement any outfit. I like to think of it as wearing your favorite accessory. The key to achieving the perfect bright pout is:

1.) Exfoliate the lip with a wet tooth-brush or damp wash cloth using small circular motions.
2.) Moisturize the lip ( my favs are: EOS organic lip balm or Burt’s bees peppermint lip balm)
3.) Blot with a tissue then line the lip with a lip pencil that matches the lipstick or gloss. Fill in the lip using the pencil ( this will help the color last longer)
4.) Finally Apply your lipstick or gloss.

Here’s a few of my favorite bright lipsticks that you can try and goes well with many different complexions…..


Nars Carthage


Mac Ruby Woo

Pussy Cat Swagger


Summer time is here.

Are your eyes ready?

Sunglasses are perhaps the most important accessory.

Personally, I feel naked if I leave the house with out them.

This Summer we are completely head over heals for both Round Frames and some Sexy Cat Eye Frames.

The bigger the better.

You can never have too many Sunnies!

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