Hey Everyone!!!

So last week I had the pleasure to do my besties hair. After a hard couple of weeks dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy Cheryl was ready to get a little pampering. It had been a little over 6 weeks since the last time I had done a partial highlight on her and many months since she had, had a haircut. So this time we decided to add in a lowlight to give her some dimension and bring her into the fall. I used the Aveda color line. For my colorists out there her formula was daylight + 40 volume, enlightener + 20 volume + 7n permanent + violet/blue + 20 volume. After she was done processing I put a toner on her just to freshen up the previous highlights she had and give her a little shine. The formula for that was Universal 0n + 10n + violet/blue + light yellow/orange + crème cta. I let the toner sit on for about 5 minutes.


I used the Aveda Pure Abundance Shampoo and Conditioner on Cheryl. This line will give you lots of body and movement without drying out your hair.

For Cheryl’s haircut she wanted to improve the health/condition of her hair but still wanted to maintain length while adding some volume/weight. We agreed on taking 1 1/2” off all around and giving her square layers. By doing square layers Cheryl was able to receive that extra volume without loosing length or exposing too much. I freshened up her front angle and trimmed her bang as she is growing it out/wants to keep them long.

For her blowout I used lots of volumizing products. I used the Pure Abundance Style Prep, Volumizing Tonic and then blew her out. Once she was all dry and I went in and checked the haircut and then used some finishing products. I used Light Elements Smoothing fluid (to add shine) and the Pure Abundance Hair Potion. This product is one of my absolute FAVORITES! It gives you lots of volume at the root, keeps oil down and has a little hold in it. I am obsessed.



In the end Cheryl felt great about herself and her look for the fall and I was so happy to do it for her.





Happy 4th of “Hair” Day!!


On the eve of the 4th of July I thought I would dedicate my post to the some Americans that have great hair or have influenced the hair world!!!





Chris McMillan

Chris McMillan: McMillan is responsible for creating “The Rachel” haircut that was on everyone from Jennifer Aniston to a housewife. He remains Jennifer Aniston’s mane man, however has evolved from that layered haircut and creates some beautiful hairstyles now that are very feminine and have a laid back California style. His most recent hair success was creating Michelle William’s pixie haircut.




 Ted Gibson: Gibson is one of the most influential stylists of our time. He made a huge buzz when his haircuts at his NYC Flatiron salon became $950! Women still flocked to have him do their hair. He creates ultra feminine styles that seem effortless but high in glamour. He has moved on from just being a stylist to creating an entire brand, however he still remains humble and leaves his stamp on every women he touches.

Scott J.

Scott J: Scott started out as an apprentice in a Long Island salon and has now 3 Aveda/NYC salons and is one of the few Aveda platform artists. His salons and career are highly regarded in the Aveda network and amongst his peers. He has created salons that cultivate young talent and allow them to thrive.





 Sally Hershberger: Sally is famous for creating the Meg Ryan shag haircut. She has a very cutting edge style, however with a mix of beachy California cool-an ode to her roots. Her NYC salon is one of the most sought have salons and bodes a very long waiting list. She also partners with Chris McMillan and works at his salon in California. She is a huge influence in the hair world and has been able to create a product line and brand amongst all her male counter parts. I have such respect for Sally and her style.




HAPPY 4th OF JULY everyone!!!! I hope you celebrate with bbq’s, fireworks and great hair!!!!!

xoxo Jessina