House of Correia Pop Up Shop Review



Photo by: Susan Trotiner

    What’s a girl to do on a breezy, winter NYC night?…well, go to a pop-up shop to brighten up the wardrobe and get ready for the holidays.  House of Correia – spunky, fun, vintage and affordable!  As my friend and I walked through the door of the suite, a handsome gentleman who graciously accepted our coats and invited us to some sangria greeted us.  Beauty and drinks?!?!  I was into this already.  The suite buzzed with excited shoppers sifting through leggings, beanies, custom vintage bags and the ever-so-cool Infinity scarf.  Now, this scarf is something else…Ms. Keriann Correia herself swiftly demonstrated 4 different ways to adorn the scarf.  My friend fell in love and immediately purchased (we later tried all the fancy ways to wear it, to much success!).  Price – $20.

_DSC0718 photo-1

       In the suite, I spotted a display of vintage bags, which made me heart skip a beat…or two…maybe even three.  Give me now.  Classy with an updated modern edge, the bags are a feature of House of Correia that truly stands out.  These are pieces I know will never be found anywhere else, and most importantly, not on anyone else.  A girl’s got to set herself apart from the crowd.  I scooped up “Grandma Phyllis’s Couch Purse”, a black flower-patterned upholstery style vintage bag with kinky, gold-colored linked chains on the front and on the strap capture that good girl-bad girl vibe perfectly.  Undeniable great catch at $50.


      A full-length mirror positioned strategically to let you do a catwalk with the goods and get feedback from fellow shoppers made the shopping experience even more fun. With the hilarious and energetic host, Miss Lissa of Miss Lissa Knows, kept us all laughing and entertained with quips and motivating shopper-talk.  Oh, the sangria helped too.

       Exploring all the offerings was easy.  A rack of cool t-shirts, bomber jackets, one of a kind dresses, short-shorts, and highly stylized skirts sat nicely arranged in the middle of the shopping suite.  A jewelry display of all sorts of Costume Jewelry…  And dope studded beanies were super cute.  If you need some color and character in your wardrobe, House of Correia’s leggings are exactly what you need in your life.  It’s for the bold, HERE I AM kind of gal. Flower prints of reds, greens, and purples on some leggings.  Psychedelic prints with more muted tones on others.  All of them are sure to make a statement!

      As we all shopped and talked, it felt like a hang out with friends.  When I wanted to simply mingle with others, I stepped away from the main showroom and back into the immediate entrance area (with the really cute host guy.  Did I mention him??)  I could still bop my head to the music coming from the showroom and plant my derriere in a seat to bask in the glow of my awesome purchase.


      What I loved about the experience of House of Correia’s pop-up shop is the synergistic way the style of the clothes, shoppers, and event seamlessly weaved into one whole concept.  This is a movement with character, creativity and authenticity.  Very exciting indeed!

       The next pop-up shop is slated for Valentine’s Day shopping.  Get sexy, get edgy for your lovely night out (or in if you’re a Valentine’s Day scrooge).  Doesn’t matter, just come out and partake in the fun.

If you are not in New York be sure to check out her etsy:


Shoesday Tuesday – It’s time to Boot up!


As fall is creeping closer and closer towards us – I’m embracing every degree the temperature drops and have already been seen outside the house in boots twice.

I mentioned last week that aside from Betsey, the only shoes I splurge on is a sweet pair of boots. Splurging has a different definition for everyone so let’s cover all the bases.

Boots under $50 – see below:

Get it (upper left corner and around clockwise): Strappy Gray Mid Calf Boot – $20, Stitched Tassle Boot – $36, Buckled Lace Up Boots – $37, Lace Up Ankle Boot – $23.95, Buckled Purple Suede Boots – $43, Exposed Zip Lace Up Boot – $50, Buckle Up Short Boot – $14.86, Fold Over Combat Boot – $50, Studded Cuff Ankle Boot – $35,  Buckled Up Heeled Boot – $32, Blue Lace Up Casual Boots – $32, Studded Moto Boot – $42, Brown Suede Rustic Boot – $45

Got a little more dough? $50-100 right this way:

Get it (row by row – left to right): Folder Over Grey Button Boots – $65, Riveted Buckle Back Boot – $65, Covered Button Boot – $80, Lace Around Suede Bootie – $75, Double Zip Ankle Boot – $100, Stud Buckle Boots – $81, Colorblock Suede Boots – $79, Victorian Boots – $60, Floral Combat Boots – $66, Braided Taupe Heels – $90, Studded Buckle Showstopper Boots – $90

And just in case you got a new job – or a raise at your old one here’s the $100-250 set:

Get it (upper left corner and around clockwise): Gold Embroidered Heeled Ankle Boot – $169, Cut Out Studded Heel Boots – $180, Studded Steve Madden’s – $169, Black Heeled Wellies – $145, Ankle Strap Knee High Boot – $240, Leather Buckle Wooden Heeled Boot – $204, Starburst Studded Steve Madden Bootie – $149, Take Charge Bootie – $120, Suede Boot with Mirrored Heel – $210, High Heeled Zip Blue Boot – $195, Wrap Strap Boots – $198, Double Strap Ankle Boot – $130

And today’s IRL boot yet again comes from the blogger herself. Here’s my go-to boot from last year that have made their way out of the closet once already this pre-fall.

Do yourself a favor and go buy some knee socks while you’re at it!