Shoesday Tuesday – Wait For It


So while online window shopping at Forever21 the other day – I saw something familiar..

end of feb

Ombre Heels. Interesting. At the beginning of January, I posted about new styles I was seeing pop up – and posted these beauties from (see below.)

beg of jan

Also interesting that they are almost 4 times the price.

So then I decided to do some research – where did this trend start and when. Let’s watch as the fashion machine boils products down to mass market level.

Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 11.54.44 AM

Here they are at the end of January for $235 bucks at

But they still must have started higher than that.. which leads me to – McQueen.

November 2012. About $1,200.

beg of nov

And October 2012.

end of oct

With this math – the NYFW eye candy I posted last week should be at Forever21 by June. (and for a measly 3% of the original price) I like those odds.


Ombre it Up this Summer!


Ombre it Up this Summer!

Ombre(also can be called “minking”): Is having color or tones that shade into each other in which color is graduated from dark to light.

One of the biggest hair color trends right now is ombre. We have seen tons of celebrities like Drew Barrymore, Kate Beckinsale, Sarah Jessica Parker, Alexa Chung and Rachel Bilson hop on the ombre band wagon. While this trend has been around for over a year, it has reached a peak recently. I see more and more girls on the street and more girls coming into my salon asking for this hair color technique.

The beauty of this hair trend is that it is an amazing way to have highlights without the maintenance. Go to your stylist and tell them i want an ombre and you can even have some brought up higher around your face to highlight the perfect summer tan!

There are many options you can do in terms of color when asking for an ombre. It can be very severe with the light and dark difference or nice and subtle. Even go crazy and throw in some crayola box colors into your hair….another huge trend right now.

The only big hiccup when getting an ombre is the length of your hair. It is best if your hair is past your shoulders so that the ombre looks natural….however with hair there are no rules. Go out there and be creative/fun and on trend….its ombre time!!!!