The Look: Colored Brows



Fashion week is upon us and all I can think about is what kind of makeup look will I be doing for Fashion’s Night Out. Flipping through some of my September issues and looking at beauty photos on tumblr, I got inspired by the makeup looks in Prada’s and Chanel’s Fall 2012 collections. It was all about the brows. And if you know me you know I love a good brow.
So I decided to test out this look on the lovely Tanisha.


I used Lime Crime eyeshadow primer on the whole brow with a white eyeliner to draw in the shape and fill in her brows. Then I went over it with a cobalt blue loose pigment shadow. The ending results…bright defined brows.
I plan on doing a similar look with brows to match my blue hair.


So stay tuned for pics of my look from Fashion’s Night Out along with pics of any beautynistas ( yes I said BEAUTYNISTAS) that catch my eye.

-Keisha taught you 😉

Red, Hot and Vampy



I am sad to say that summer is coming to an end and fall is slowly approaching. But don’t worry, there are some HOT beauty trends for fall 2012 that will have you heating up the chilly streets of NYC. To start off on the right foot we are going to tackle the Red Lip! This trend was seen down a few runways, from Sportmax to Victor&Rolf and from Victoria Beckham to Rochas. Some went for a very bold matte red,some went dark like red wine and some went vampy and glossy. I know some women are scared to take one such a beauty statement because they feel it won’t look good on them. Well that’s because you just need the right shade that suits you. And trust me there is a shade for everyone.
When wearing red lipstick, whether dark or bright, it’s best to keep the rest of your makeup simple. But load up on mascara. You always want your eyes to pop. With dark patent lips I like to keep from looking too goth by wearing a pop of color ( a clutch, a blazer, a necklace etc). So this fall be bold, daring and most of all turn heads.





-Keisha taught you 😉

The Golden Champ


The Golden Champ

I got inspired by our gold medal all around champ Gabby Douglas. First off I want to say congratulations Gabby! You were amazing and you made history!
I’m sure we all have noticed Gabby’s slight smokey eye which she does by just lining her lower and upper lashline with black eyeliner and loading up on mascara. So I decided to do my own rendition and of course I’m going to show you how I did it.

Step 1: Apply a eyeshadow primer. This will help grasp the eyeshadow and help it last longer.


Step 2: Apply a gold eyeshadow that has a satin or frost finish by dabbing the eyeshadow onto the lid from lash line to crease. I used MAC eyeshadow in All That Glitters.


Step 3: Dab a matte black eyeshadow on the outter corner of the eyelid and the crease. Blending towards the inner corner of the eye. I used MAC eyeshadow in Carbon.


Step 4: Apply a liquid eyeliner along the upper lash line. I used Wet and Wild Mega liquid eyeliner in black.


Step 5: Apply a black eyeliner to bottom lash line and water line. Then take a small eyeshadow brush or a smudge brush, sweeping back and forth, smudging out the liner. I used MAC eyeliner in Smolder. Add black mascara to top and bottom lashes.


The finished look: a sexy smokey eye that can be worn on and off the mats. 🙂


Products used:


The cats MEOW


The cats MEOW

Who loves a good cat eye besides my girl Cat Woman? I know I do. To me it’s very sexy, gives great shape to the eye and adds a little something to a simple makeup look. Clients always ask me “How do you get the line so perfect?!” Well above all, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. But of course I’m going to show you how to achieve a good cat eye with liquid eye liner with simple and easy steps anyone can follow.

Step 1: Start at the outer corner of your eye drawing a diagonal line towards your temple ( you can make the line as long as you want, but start with a shorter line until you get comfortable).

Step 2:  Draw a line from the inner corner of the eye aong the lashline connecting it to the end point of your first line (do your best to keep the thickness of your line about the same width of the felt tip brush of the eyeliner).
Step 3: Fill in any open space  after both points are connected. Try not to blink too much so that the liner can dry and not smudge.
Voilà! You have a perfect cat eye.
Once you’ve gotten comfortable enough and have developed a steady hand , you can get real fancy and try the following:
The Egyptian cat eye: Draw a line along you crease line starting at the end point .
The Amy Winehouse: 
Product usedMAC Super slick liquid eye liner in On The Hunt.
-Remember Keisha taught you 😉

Color of the year!


Color of the year!

For those of my lovelies that may not know we have a color for the year. That color is called Tangerine Tango. We have Pantone to thank for choosing such a vibrant eyecatching color that you’ll see go from the runways to the streets.
To show my appreciation and love for the color I decided to show you guys a few ways you can wear this vibrant color without walking out your house looking like Bobo the clown.

Make heads turn with a bold cat eye. I used a white eyeliner to create the shape then I filled it in with the powder. The white pencil helps grab hold to the powder to show the true color of the pigment. Keep everything else simple. A nice nude lip and a shimmering highlighting bronzer to give you that perfect glow.

On Nadia’s Eyes: MAKEUP FOREVER Star powder #952


With a bold lip color like this you’ll keep them locked into every word that comes out of that fabulous mouth of yours. Again the trick is to keep everything else suttle but load up on coats of mascara for long thick lashes.

On Nadias Lips: MAC lip pencil in REDD and MAC matte lipstick in Lady Danger.


Make em blush with peachy cheeks. I’ve noticed this color helps bring out that gorgeous tan we’ve all gotten running around doing errands while still trying to fit in some play time during these hot summer days in NYC.

On ME: I used Pantone for Sephora duo blush along with MAKEUP FOREVER eyeshadow/ blush #47 on my cheeks. To highlight I used MAC highlighting blush in Margin.


-Keisha taught you 😉

Lip stain vs. Lipstick

So a friend approached me this weekend seeking advice on how she should do her makeup for the wedding she’s in. The question ” how do you feel about lipstains ?” came about. Personally I never really cared for lipstains. I’ve always been a lipgloss girl and over the past 2 years I’ve become a lipstick bandit. But i’m always willing to help a friend in makeup need, so I went to Duane Reade to pick up a lipstain. The one I used on her was Maybelline super stay 10 hr lipstain. It sounded like a good option being that I prefer the smoothness and pigment of a lipstick. The ending result,after showing her a simple makeup look, was a long lasting, non drying, well pigmented with just a little bit of shine to it lipstain. This is perfect for my girls seeking the pigment of a lipstick but  as low maintenance as a chapstick.

-Keisha taught you 😉