Shoesday Tuesday – Walk in My Shoes

As I’ve stated too many times to count – I wear heels often. Not always, but often.

I also live in NYC. Some people see this as a disconnect – I do not. While I may have on flats today, yesterday I wore 4 inch heels from 8 am to 2 am. And last week a coworker asked me if I changed into heels when I got to work – astonished to find that I do not.

Wearing heels can be practical. You just have to wear the right heels. So let me help you out, sister. Here are some tips.

Choose a chunky heel. Not only does this make walking over subway grates easier – but it helps you balance. See some options below:

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 11.07.58 AM

Get it: (left to right, top to bottom) Navy and Yellow Chunky Pump – $60, Metallic and Lucite Chunkly Heel – $120, Two Tone Toe Cap Pump – $200, Cross Strap Two Tone Sandal – $80, Metallic Pink Sandal – $81, Floral Platform Sandal – $65

Choose quality brands. And by quality I don’t mean thousand dollar Louboutins. I mean affordable, well made shoes. See the below options all for under $100 by some of my favorite, comfortable brands.

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 11.08.08 AM

Get it: (left to right, top to bottom) Navy Patent Slingback by Nine West – $70, Black Pointed Ankle Strap by Nine West – $85, Patent Leather Coral Wedge by Naturalizer – $60, Neutral and Blue Sandal by Naturalizer – $63, Yellow Ankle Strap Pump by Rocket Dog – $50, Striped Peep Toe by Rocket Dog – $64, Black Ankle Strap Wedge by Seychelles – $95, Brown T-Strap Heeled Sandal by Seychelles – $70

Keep your feet locked in with lace up heels. The more the shoe surrounds your foot – the more stability and control you will have. Trust me. See the beauties below.

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 11.08.15 AM

Get it: (top to bottom, right to left)  Two Tone Oxfords – $272, Cut Out Lace Up Ankle Bootie – $136, Black Lace Up Sandal – $129, Ankle Laced Stiletto – $88, Two Tone Suede Oxford Cut Outs – $60

And finally, throw on a platform. Putting a platform at the front of your shoe lessens the actual height your heel is off the ground, keeping your instep less severe. They also happen to be “in” at the moment so you’ll have no trouble finding them.

Screen shot 2013-06-11 at 11.08.22 AM

Take it from me though – give your feet a break from time to time. All too often do I wear shoes a bit past my limit and definitely pay for it – in my knees. If you are wearing heels to work and then out at night – try switching pairs. It’ll give your feet (and knees and back) a break.



Shoesday Tuesday – What’s Trending


I’m the sort of girl who ends up on trend by accident. More than often – the things I imagine in my head that I’d love to be wearing don’t exist in stores yet. I think I’ve more or less always been attracted to the same type of shoes. It did take me awhile to warm up to wedges – and now I’m pretty obsessed.


In the spirit of trends – and the start of October (how did that happen?) – let’s take a look at what shoes are trending for fall. Some I’m in love with – while others I’m a bit skeptical. Tell me what you think! Word for the wise – this is not a bargain post, so for the pairs with out of this world price tags – just think of them as inspiration.


First trend! Embellished heels. As a whole – I’m down. Within certain boundaries. Check out a variety of options below.


Get it: (upper left corner going clockwise) Brian Atwood Ankle Strap Heels – $1,473, Laced Heel – $254, Flowered Bootie – $1,695, Button Back Heel – $65, Glitter Heel T-Strap – $690, Silver Heeled Red Pumps – $1,115, Jeweled Heel Slipper – $650, Bow Back Heel – $2.185, Mirrored Heel Pump – $990, Snake Skin Ankle Heel – $2,695, Satin Bow Ankle Strap – $945, Studded Ankle Strap Wedge – $328, Studded Platforms – $136


2nd on the list. Lace Ups. I’m not too sure how this trend fits for fall – considering the amount of “sandals” I’ve been finding – maybe we’ll consider it “transitional.”

Get it: (upper left corner going clockwise) White and Black Wavy Lace Ups – $1,090, Red Suede Lace Up Pumps – $655, Pink Jelly Lace Ups by Vivienne Westwood – $225, Glitter Lace Up Heels – $1,275, Glitter Ankle Butterfly Pump – $90, Open Grid Lace Up Bootie by Roberto Cavalli – $955, Lace Up Ankle Strap Stiletto – $398, Proenza Schouler Wrap Around Laced Pump – $368


Now for most likely my favorite trend I’ll be showing – Cap Toed Shoes. If I owned any – they would be this week’s IRL shoe. Sadly – I don’t. So I’ll be using my imagination with all of you.

Get it: (upper left corner going clockwise) Pale Pink Silver Toe Pump – $89.90, White and Gold Pumps – $130, Gold Capped Black Pumps – $110, Copper Toe Boots – $225, Ankle Strap Dipped Toe Pump – $178, Studded Silver Capped Bootie – $875, Nude Faux Suede Pumps – $35, Studded Ankle Strap Flat – $29, Silver Capped Lace Up Bootie – $165, Gold Pump with Peach Toe – $248, Metallic Capped Loafer – $840, Marni Cap Toe Platform Wedge – $755, Metal Toe Cap Brogues – $23, Studded Toe Black Valentino Pump – $795

And for our final trend – and another one of my favs – Metallic Hits. You can find these babies at any price range. Metallic is of course always going to be on trend – but I think the shoe industry has been incorporating it in some interesting, new ways. Check it.

Get it: (upper left corner going clockwise) Metallic Platform Peep Toe – $130, Gold Heeled Bootie – $985, Pointed Toe Metallic Mary Jane – $60, Copper Heel Sling Back – $124, Gold Soled Ankle Boots – $995, Pointed Silver and Gold Mary Jane – $649, Geometric Metal Heeled Pumps – $72, Yves Saint Laurent Metallic Wedge – $383, Metallic and Black Pump – $30, Silver and Seafoam Metallic Mary Jane Flat – $38, Metallic and Black Colorblocked Wedge – $775, Gold and Silver Pointed Pump – $596

Since I’m not the quickest to be up on trends – I have no IRL shoe this week. Send me yours! Guess I’ve gotta go shopping.