Shoesday Tuesday – How to Beat the System


Everything in fashion is a looped chain. Since almost no ideas are brand new ideas – designers look to the past for inspiration. New trends start at the very top – runway, couture, etc. Then season by season, things get repurposed, stream lined, and brought down a level on the money chain.

Everyone steals from everyone. It’s the law of the land. As long as you change 30% – you can’t get sued. That’s an actual rule.

Can’t afford that Zara dress? Wait a season – it’ll be at Urban Outfitters. Don’t want to pay Urban’s prices? Wait a season for Forever 21 to turn out their version. You’re going to lose some quality along the way – but in our country’s high shopping turn over rate it only makes sense to sacrifice quality for quantity.

In this vain – today I bring you some on trend shoe staples sitting comfortably at two notches on the fashion food chain. High end and low end. The designer versions might be a season old while the low end knock offs are most likely hot off the presses. Either way – this is how you beat the system, ladies.

High End On Trend Beauties ($500 and up)

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 11.40.08 AM

Get it: (upper left hand corner, heading clockwise) Wedge Boot – $550, Double Ankle T-Strap – $725, Gold Heel Ankle Boot – $689, Studded T-Strap Flat – $670, Studded Loafer – $990, Ankle Strap Sandal – $735

Low End Bargain Staples ($50 and below)

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 11.39.58 AM

Get it: (upper left hand corner, heading clockwise) Double Buckle Wedge Boot – $43, Double Ankle T-Strap – $50, Glitter Heel Ankle Boot – $50, Studded T-Strap Flat – $47, Studded Loafer – $45, Ankle Strap Sandal – $32

Today’s IRL shoes come from one of my discount victories. $20 shoes are always right up my ally. Studded Oxford trend – check! And these babies are super comfortable – double check!



Shoesday Tuesday – Halloween Eye Candy


With Hurricane Post Tropical Storm Sandy leaving me stranded at my Brooklyn apartment – I am so very thankful for my electricity that never left me and cable/internet that only flickered for a hot minute. And also for my dog – for keeping me company.

I’m also thankful that tomorrow is Halloween – one of my all time favorite days in this glorious city. And while Sandy has taken down a majority of NYC (including the entire subway system – will I go to work tomorrow? no one knows) she will not keep me from staying in the Halloween spirit. Since staring at various screens of technology is my only available form of entertainment – join me and look at some Halloween themed shoe candy. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for a last minute costume.

Black Cats. Skeletons. Witches. and Morticia Addams.

Get it: (upper left corner headed clockwise) Mesh Ankle Booties – Spring 2011 Viktor + Rolf, $thesebabiesbelongtotheinterwebs, Sequin Skull Loafers – $675, Black Strappy Matryoshka Heels – $1,565, Tuxedo Peep Toe – $52, Sequin Skull Pumps – $50, Wavy Black and White Booties – $1,225, Marni Gold Winged Shoes – $720, Rose Heels – $50, Gold Pilgrim Bow Platforms – $146, Spiked Heel Ankle Straps – $1,490, All Over Studded Christian Louboutins – $3,895

Pumpkin Parade.

Get it: (upper left corner headed clockwise) Kenzo Orange and Black Lace Ups – $595, Ombre Fur Boots – $1,960, Jeffrey Campbell Platforms – $110, Fringe Tiered Boots – $185, Fire Pumps – $895, Flamenco Lace Ups – $150, Geometric Works of Art – $1,000, Contract Cut Out Pumps – $932, Floral Platforms – $68, Emilio Pucci Feather Strappy Sandals – $935, Sequin Heeled Boot – $149

Frankenstein’s Monster Green.

Get it: (upper left corner, headed clockwise) Green and Gold Wrap Around Booties – Guillaume Hinfray Spring 2012 – $thesebabiesalsobelongtotheinterwebs, Skull Lace Heel Pump – $50, Green and Pink ZigZag Boots – Kandee Spring 2012 $alsobelongingtotheinterwebs, Lime Green Lace Up Wedge – $40, Zombie Mules – $42, Green Studded Combat Boots – $90, Lime Green and Black Pumps – $56, Green Snake Sandals – $524, Studded Lime Heels – $215, Furry Monster Feet Slippers – $9.60

Blood Red. Vampires. Sirens. and Vixens.

Get it: (upper left corner, headed clockwise) Red and White Rose Bootie – $1,525, Gold Zipper Boot – $42, Silver Mirror Heel Red Pump – $1,295, Cut Out Knee High Boots – $100, Red and Black Lace Peep Toes – $89.95, Satin Fan Heeled Pumps – $995, Cut Out Red Bootie – $980, Waved Booties – $1,150, Classic Black Sling Back Louboutins – $1,075, Red Stud Pump – $1,195, Suede Scoop Booties – $880

Since we are pre-Halloween – I’m coming up short for an IRL option. However – I will clue you into my costume for this year’s festivities.

Happy Halloween! <33Mal