Shoesday Tuesday – Halloween Eye Candy


With Hurricane Post Tropical Storm Sandy leaving me stranded at my Brooklyn apartment – I am so very thankful for my electricity that never left me and cable/internet that only flickered for a hot minute. And also for my dog – for keeping me company.

I’m also thankful that tomorrow is Halloween – one of my all time favorite days in this glorious city. And while Sandy has taken down a majority of NYC (including the entire subway system – will I go to work tomorrow? no one knows) she will not keep me from staying in the Halloween spirit. Since staring at various screens of technology is my only available form of entertainment – join me and look at some Halloween themed shoe candy. Maybe you’ll find some inspiration for a last minute costume.

Black Cats. Skeletons. Witches. and Morticia Addams.

Get it: (upper left corner headed clockwise) Mesh Ankle Booties – Spring 2011 Viktor + Rolf, $thesebabiesbelongtotheinterwebs, Sequin Skull Loafers – $675, Black Strappy Matryoshka Heels – $1,565, Tuxedo Peep Toe – $52, Sequin Skull Pumps – $50, Wavy Black and White Booties – $1,225, Marni Gold Winged Shoes – $720, Rose Heels – $50, Gold Pilgrim Bow Platforms – $146, Spiked Heel Ankle Straps – $1,490, All Over Studded Christian Louboutins – $3,895

Pumpkin Parade.

Get it: (upper left corner headed clockwise) Kenzo Orange and Black Lace Ups – $595, Ombre Fur Boots – $1,960, Jeffrey Campbell Platforms – $110, Fringe Tiered Boots – $185, Fire Pumps – $895, Flamenco Lace Ups – $150, Geometric Works of Art – $1,000, Contract Cut Out Pumps – $932, Floral Platforms – $68, Emilio Pucci Feather Strappy Sandals – $935, Sequin Heeled Boot – $149

Frankenstein’s Monster Green.

Get it: (upper left corner, headed clockwise) Green and Gold Wrap Around Booties – Guillaume Hinfray Spring 2012 – $thesebabiesalsobelongtotheinterwebs, Skull Lace Heel Pump – $50, Green and Pink ZigZag Boots – Kandee Spring 2012 $alsobelongingtotheinterwebs, Lime Green Lace Up Wedge – $40, Zombie Mules – $42, Green Studded Combat Boots – $90, Lime Green and Black Pumps – $56, Green Snake Sandals – $524, Studded Lime Heels – $215, Furry Monster Feet Slippers – $9.60

Blood Red. Vampires. Sirens. and Vixens.

Get it: (upper left corner, headed clockwise) Red and White Rose Bootie – $1,525, Gold Zipper Boot – $42, Silver Mirror Heel Red Pump – $1,295, Cut Out Knee High Boots – $100, Red and Black Lace Peep Toes – $89.95, Satin Fan Heeled Pumps – $995, Cut Out Red Bootie – $980, Waved Booties – $1,150, Classic Black Sling Back Louboutins – $1,075, Red Stud Pump – $1,195, Suede Scoop Booties – $880

Since we are pre-Halloween – I’m coming up short for an IRL option. However – I will clue you into my costume for this year’s festivities.

Happy Halloween! <33Mal

Two faced.



Halloween is a the day that makeup artists and those who love the holiday can let their imagination run wild! I’ve been seeing a lot of skull tutorials/pictorials and decided to do my own rendition. It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t share it with you. Here’s how I did it.

1.) I used a white eyeliner pencil to map out where the white ( your bone structure) makeup will go on half of my face.

2.) Using a a cosmetic wedge ( foundation sponge ) I filled in my whole face with Ben Nye Clown White makeup. For tighter areas I used a small concealer brush to fill in the white. Then I set it the makeup with Makeup Forever translucent HD powder. You can use baby powder if you don’t have translucent powder.

3.) I used a black eye kohl pencil to map out where the black makeup would be, pretty much where you have no bone. To help, feel out your face. Pretty much the eye socket, just under the jaw bone and some parts in your temple

4.) Next, using the same black eyeliner pencil, you want to draw a line from the corner of you mouth the where you last tooth would be. Then draw the teeth by making a few lines starting at your lip and finishing along your cheek.

5.) I used black chroma line from MAC to fill in the black areas, using a small concealer brush. Then I used my fine pointed eyeliner brush to draw in little Y’s at the top and bottom lines the are the teeth. To give it more of the shape of an actual tooth and look realistic.

6.) I used a small shader brush and black eye shadow to set the black areas and create more of a contoured along the jaw, eye sockets, my temples and the inside of my lip. Then I took my fine eyeliner brush with some black chroma line and created little cracks.

The finished look of the skill side.

For the other side of my face I did a glam drag look ( you can do your most glamorous makeup look on the other side. It trips people out lol).


Happy Halloween!

-Keisha taught you 🙂 .

Products used:
Ben Nye clown white makeup
MAC Eye Kohl in Smolder
Rimmel London soft Kohl pencil in Pure White
MAC matte eyeshadow in Carbon
Makeup Forever translucent HD powder
MAC 209 eyeliner brush