Shoesday Tuesday – The Art of Packing


As of tomorrow – I am on vacation from work. And I can’t wait!

Thursday morning, I am hopping on a plane with my lovely boyfriend and heading to Tennessee for a week. This means that tonight – I will pack. Which really means – “Let’s play a game called how many pairs of shoes can Mallorie fit in her carry-on sized luggage?”

I have high hopes. I’ve always been great at stuffing lots of things into little purses.

If the internet was my closet – here are the shoes I would bring. I’ll worry about reality later tonight.

Screen shot 2013-05-20 at 5.28.07 PM

Get it: (upper left, headed clockwise) Chunky Ankle Strap Platforms to wear with my new brocade shorts – $60, Stripe Oxfords to wear with my high waisted white shorts – $95, Gold Peep Toes for the rehearsal dinner – $290, Sensible Black Peep Toes for the wedding reception – $57, Neon and Animal Ankle Strap Pumps for my new high waisted wide leg slacks – $60, and Neutral Bow Sandals for a day at the vineyard – $33

 See you next Tuesday for a Southern themed Shoesday Tuesday!


Shoesday Tuesday: A Lesson in Self Control


With exactly one week until Christmas – I find myself needing to buy all of my gifts for my loved ones but being presented with opportunity after opportunity to buy gifts for myself instead. Whether it’s my coworker telling me about an entire building consisting of sample sales on every floor or my best friend alerting me to a shirt that seems to have been designed solely for me – I’m using all of my strength to resist.

And then while at work I had to do some simple research and headed to After looking through their belts and sweaters (what I was supposed to be doing) I found myself clicking the link “Shoes” (what I was not supposed to be doing.) And what I found was terrifying. I have never wanted so many items on one page from one retailer. The Amex gift card I received from my bosses this morning is not helping the matter.

In hopes to continue my quest of self control – I will leave my mini TopShop wishlist here for you. And maybe I can wait it out until they go on sale.


Get it: (upper left corner, moving clockwise) Black Strappy Sandals – $120, Neutral Colorblock Sandals – $110, Crystal Bow Pumps – $110,  Studded Skinny Sandals – $100, Bow Ankle Straps – $100, Metallic Art Deco Pumps – $190, Cheetah Toe Cap Pumps – $100, Crystal Heeled Mary Janes – $116 – all at


Shoesday Tuesday (Wednesday) – A Belated Lesson in Thanksgiving Dressing


After an hour of unsuccessfully trying to get my computer to turn on last night (only after completing the longest day of my professional work life) it’s time for a belated Wednesday version of Shoesday Tuesday.


Luckily, I’m thankful for a lot more than just makeshift technology.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving – let’s figure out what we should wear this turkey day. Most of the time – I base my outfit around the shoes I’d like to wear. (I’m sure this surprises no one.)


So let’s take a look at some basic on trend staples and accessorize them with clothes for a change.


The Studded Ankle Boot

Get it: The shoe – $20, the dress – $70, The cape – $12, The bag – $36, The scarf – $16, The glasses – $


Mid-Calf Leather Boot



Get it: The shoe – $48, The sweater – $24, The skirt – $32, The hat – $32, The gloves – $50


The Animal Loafer



Get it: The shoe – $30 , The dress – $35 , The cape – $25 , The belt – $5 , The gloves – $22 , The ring – $25


The Glitter Pump




Get it: The shoes – $40 , The top – $50 , The pants – $19 , The cape – $140, The bag – $35 , The cuff – $44


Apparently I love a cape. Maybe I’ll base my own outfit off of that instead..