These are a few of my favorite things



People always ask me about the things I use as far as beauty products. From moisturizers down to my lip gloss. Here are a few of my favorite things that I pretty much use everyday.

I Love Nivea Soft Face and body cream. I use it as my moisturizer for my face in the morning and at night before bed. It contains Vitamin E and jojaba oil, so it leaves my skin feeling soft and looking radiant . I have combination skin so my T zone gets oily and the rest of my face can get really dry, especially during this time of season and the cream seems to be the perfect balance for my skin.

I never used eye cream, eye gel or what ever else they have out there on the market because I never felt I needed it. That was until someone said to me ” you have really nice skin but you look kind of dark under the eyes”. That was a “Oh hell no” moment for me. That’s when I went to Sephora and got their depuffing roll-on gel. It depuffs and helps with dark circles. I apply this under my eyes and on my eyelids, then I tap it into my skin using my ring fingers until it absorbs. I’ve noticed I’m not dark under the eyes like I used to be. It’s more even with my skin. Perfect for my no makeup days.

Korres pomegranate toner for oily to combination skin does wonders for me. It takes away the excess dirt and oil my cleanser didn’t get rid of. I use it after washing my face and before moisturizing. I noticed I don’t look as greasy as I used to when I wake up in the morning and when wearing makeup I don’t have powder my shiny areas until the end of my work day.

I will say I am the makeup artist who is guilty of not applying primer on my face before putting on foundation. I do it for my clients but haven’t been doing it for my self. It’s good to prime before you apply your makeup. It’s fills in lines and helps from makeup getting deep into your pores. But I’ll admit that I’m lazy and trying to keep my makeup routine within a 5 minute frame because I have to rush out the door causes me to skip a few steps. I started adding Fresh Face primer into my routine. It’s not heavy, doesn’t make my face look or feel oily and sets my makeup very well.

I LOVE my EOS lip balm. It keeps my lip super smooth and moisturized. Gives a nice sheen when worn alone and perfect before applying lipgloss or lipstick. It also doesn’t have that nasty taste if you accidently lick your lips.

I just started using MAC Face and Body foundation and I love it. It’s great for those who don’t need full coverage and just want a sheer foundation that makes the skin look dewy. It’s water proof and has a lot of emollients ( moisturizers) in it. I still set it with a powder because I have combo skin but it gets the job done. It’s also great for those who have dry skin.

Wet&Wild mega liner is the best inexpensive liquid opaque eyeliner EVER! I use it all the time on my clients and my self. It dries fast and stays true to color and doesn’t get that gray look after a few hours. For a drug store brand it doesn’t get any better than this.

Givenchy Noir Couture mascara.
All of my other mascaras have been pushed to the back burner for this one. It lengthens, doesn’t flake, curls my lashes and makes them really black.

MAC lip glass in Lust
I’ve tried so many nudes. They were either too brown or too white. Finally I found the perfect one. I wear it almost every day and its always in my bag just incase I get tired of the lip color I’m wearing by the end if the day.

Feel free to try any of these products and let me know your feed back!

-Keisha taught you 😉