Soft, Supple, and Sanitary Makeup Brushes


Soft, Supple, and Sanitary Makeup Brushes

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Like any investment, we want to take care of that investment. Our makeup brushes are an investment and should be treated with care. Cleaning our makeup brushes is often overlooked. However, it is one of the most essential things you can do. Not only does cleaning your makeup brushes keep them in the best functioning condition possible, it also reduces the amount of old makeup, bacteria, dead skin, dirt, and oil you put back on your face. To keep your brushes soft, supple, and sanitary, brushes should be washed weekly.

What you need to clean your makeup brushes:

  1.  Brush Shampoo – It is important to use shampoo specifically designed for cleaning makeup brushes. Do not use hair shampoo, hand soap, etc. These items will strip the brushes natural oils and can make the brush glue less effective.
  2.  Water
  3.  Clean paper towel or face cloth.

How to clean your makeup brushes:

  1.  WET brush; allow water to flow through the bristles.
  2.  ADD BRUSH SHAMPOO – the amount of shampoo added will depend on the size of the brush.
  3.  RINSE out your brush
  4.  REPEAT shampoo and rinse, if needed, as many times as needed until makeup residue is removed.
  5.  FLUFF to correct the shape of the brush. Brushes are easier to work with if they dry correctly.
  6.  DRY – Lay fluffed, clean brush on a clean paper towel and allow the brush to completely dry.

Important: Remember to keep bristles down, and the handle up throughout the process. Allowing water to get into the glue may loosen the glue, resulting in the fallout of bristles.

Keeping you brushes clean will provide years of hygienic and flawless makeup application!