Fuse in or Fuse Out


Fuse in or Fuse Out

Fusion hair extensions are extensions that are fused to your hair undergoing a process called fusion bonding. To create a fusion bond you use a heated adhesive bead and bonding gun that is attached to the weft of your natural hair, strand by strand. The fusion bond is made out of a keratin bond whose molecular structure is very similar to the keratin in human hair.

Ok, enough of that smarty pants definition. Basically fusions extensions are a great way of creating length or volume for a long lasting period of time. Depending on how fast your hair grows and how you maintain the extensions they can last in your hair for up to 6 months. When you have fusion extensions you need to be very careful when shampooing, combing and styling them. If you are too aggressive the extensions can become knotted and it will become very difficult to repair them. Another downside of fusions is that they can weaken your hair and pull on your natural hair. The reason for this is because the heated bond is adhered to your natural hair and the bond needs to be broken to be able to be removed.

There are also some non-hair fusion extensions. You can spice up your look by adding some tinsel, feathers or fun colors to your hair just by having them fused in.

We have seen many celebrities with fusions, most notoriously is Britney Spears. There are many pictures of Britney with her fusions showing right thru her hair. Thats a big no-no make sure you hide your secret, you don’t want people to know that your hair is that long and luxurious. So when it comes time for you to decide on how you want to change your hair ask yourself: “fuse in or fuse out”.



Clip in or Clip not


Clip in or Clip not

I have a client that was growing her hair out for her wedding. She wanted long, luscious hair that could be styled into an up-do. After a year of growing, her hair did not get to the length she needed. I suggested we get her clip in extensions so that she could have the hair she always dreamed of for her big day. Clip in’s are a wonderful way to transform your look without having to commit to a big change. Say you want to add a fun color to your hair like blue, pink or purple. Don’t put your hair thru the hair color change, just buy clip in’s. Or for a fun night out get a clip in bang and completely change your look. For the guys out there that want to add a little lift or dimension to their hair get a small clip in and take your style to the next level.

When buying clip in’s there are three things that you need to remember:
1. If you aren’t purposely trying to use funky colors try and find clip in’s that are a good match to your hair color.
2. Buy real human hair or remy hair. While these are pricier then using synthetic the advantage of using human hair is that you can dye it, curl it, flat iron it and the hair will not have the waxy look that synthetic hair does.
3. Make sure your hair is long enough to cover the clip ins and that your hair in a way that the extensions look like they are part of your hair. Nothing is uglier then when you see a girls track.

This entry is going to be part of a series called “If You Can’t Achieve It Weave It”. There are so many ways now that women and men can enhance their hair with extensions, clip ins, fusions and weaves. Check out next week when I talk about fusions….thanks!