Shoesday Tuesday – Rainy Day Wishes


It’s set to rain all this week here in NYC.

Unfortunately for us – we all have to walk in it. And unfortunately for me – I own no rain shoes. I typically throw on something patent leather (most likely of the 4 inch heel variety) and call it a day. But – someday – I’d like to invest in one of these beauties by Melissa.


Get it: (Top to Bottom) Vivienne Westwood for Melissa Tan and Pink Pumps – $150, Two Tone Wedge – $110, Red Sling Backs – $92, Grey Closed Toe Ankle Straps – $65, Leopard Loafers – $61

Shoesday Tuesday – Wait For It


So while online window shopping at Forever21 the other day – I saw something familiar..

end of feb

Ombre Heels. Interesting. At the beginning of January, I posted about new styles I was seeing pop up – and posted these beauties from (see below.)

beg of jan

Also interesting that they are almost 4 times the price.

So then I decided to do some research – where did this trend start and when. Let’s watch as the fashion machine boils products down to mass market level.

Screen shot 2013-02-26 at 11.54.44 AM

Here they are at the end of January for $235 bucks at

But they still must have started higher than that.. which leads me to – McQueen.

November 2012. About $1,200.

beg of nov

And October 2012.

end of oct

With this math – the NYFW eye candy I posted last week should be at Forever21 by June. (and for a measly 3% of the original price) I like those odds.


Shoesday Tuesday – New York Fashion Week of Shoes


Before I get into discussing the shoe beauty of NYFW Fall 2013, I’d like to extend my apology for missing last week’s Shoesday Tuesday due to a killer sore throat and a memory lapse!

Onto the shoes.

NYFW has come and gone (now it’s London’s turn) and having only attended one show (Costello Tagliapietra – who had some pretty fabulous floral pumps stomping the runway) – I turned to the interwebs to educate myself.

Thanks to for giving me everything I needed in one place!

I have immediately fallen in love with the following:

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 10.19.15 AM

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 10.19.07 AM

And my personal favorite:

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 10.18.58 AM

Also bringing me eye candy was Bows and Shoes – my two favorite things:


And to wrap it up neatly with a designer I showcased in my last entry – shone the spot light on Alejandro Ingelmo.

Screen shot 2013-02-19 at 10.22.45 AM

All of which I will wait patiently for until Forever 21 knocks them off next year and I can buy ’em for $24.80!


Shoesday Tuesday: A Lesson in Self Control


With exactly one week until Christmas – I find myself needing to buy all of my gifts for my loved ones but being presented with opportunity after opportunity to buy gifts for myself instead. Whether it’s my coworker telling me about an entire building consisting of sample sales on every floor or my best friend alerting me to a shirt that seems to have been designed solely for me – I’m using all of my strength to resist.

And then while at work I had to do some simple research and headed to After looking through their belts and sweaters (what I was supposed to be doing) I found myself clicking the link “Shoes” (what I was not supposed to be doing.) And what I found was terrifying. I have never wanted so many items on one page from one retailer. The Amex gift card I received from my bosses this morning is not helping the matter.

In hopes to continue my quest of self control – I will leave my mini TopShop wishlist here for you. And maybe I can wait it out until they go on sale.


Get it: (upper left corner, moving clockwise) Black Strappy Sandals – $120, Neutral Colorblock Sandals – $110, Crystal Bow Pumps – $110,  Studded Skinny Sandals – $100, Bow Ankle Straps – $100, Metallic Art Deco Pumps – $190, Cheetah Toe Cap Pumps – $100, Crystal Heeled Mary Janes – $116 – all at


Shoesday Tuesday – How to Beat the System


Everything in fashion is a looped chain. Since almost no ideas are brand new ideas – designers look to the past for inspiration. New trends start at the very top – runway, couture, etc. Then season by season, things get repurposed, stream lined, and brought down a level on the money chain.

Everyone steals from everyone. It’s the law of the land. As long as you change 30% – you can’t get sued. That’s an actual rule.

Can’t afford that Zara dress? Wait a season – it’ll be at Urban Outfitters. Don’t want to pay Urban’s prices? Wait a season for Forever 21 to turn out their version. You’re going to lose some quality along the way – but in our country’s high shopping turn over rate it only makes sense to sacrifice quality for quantity.

In this vain – today I bring you some on trend shoe staples sitting comfortably at two notches on the fashion food chain. High end and low end. The designer versions might be a season old while the low end knock offs are most likely hot off the presses. Either way – this is how you beat the system, ladies.

High End On Trend Beauties ($500 and up)

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 11.40.08 AM

Get it: (upper left hand corner, heading clockwise) Wedge Boot – $550, Double Ankle T-Strap – $725, Gold Heel Ankle Boot – $689, Studded T-Strap Flat – $670, Studded Loafer – $990, Ankle Strap Sandal – $735

Low End Bargain Staples ($50 and below)

Screen shot 2012-12-10 at 11.39.58 AM

Get it: (upper left hand corner, heading clockwise) Double Buckle Wedge Boot – $43, Double Ankle T-Strap – $50, Glitter Heel Ankle Boot – $50, Studded T-Strap Flat – $47, Studded Loafer – $45, Ankle Strap Sandal – $32

Today’s IRL shoes come from one of my discount victories. $20 shoes are always right up my ally. Studded Oxford trend – check! And these babies are super comfortable – double check!



Shoesday Tuesday: Irrational Shoe Choices

I’d like to start off this Shoesday Tuesday by pointing out that the high temperature for today in NYC is 60 degrees. Thanks Global Warming Climate Change. I take any temperature over 50 degrees as an invitation to bare legs and open toe shoes – but really – in December? That is irrational.

And so began the theme of today’s entry.

Fashion is very often impractical – especially shoe based fashion.

All too often I pop on a pair of shoes despite their lack of comfort or lack of weather practicality. Sometimes it’s just worth it. And while I prescribe myself to being thrifty at all times – many a Carrie Bradshaw inspired woman will throw an irrational amount of cash (or credit) at a shoe and call it a day.

If mother nature is deciding to be frivolous and not follow the rules – let’s jump on that train with her. Check out the following completely irrational shoe choices below.

It’s December. I should not have peep toe shoes on right now and yet.. Here’s a selection of winter sandals just in case you have no fear of frost bite.

Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 10.17.21 AM

Get it: (upper left corner, heading clockwise) Color Block Peep Toe – $748, Gold Platform Ankle Straps – $924, Blue Bow Strappy Sandal – $945, Hot Pink Platform Ankle Straps – $266, Gold Wrap Around Sandal – $325, Gray T-Strap Sandal – $175, Nude Armani Sandal – $88

My most typical form of shoe frivolity – skyscraper shoes. Forget the fact that I’m 5’9 barefoot. I’ll be the tallest girl in the bar – again. Here’s how:

Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 10.17.13 AM

Get it: (left, right, heading down) Cut Out Colorblock Platform Pump – $72, Sheet Music Wedge – $944, Rhinestone Heel-less Wedge – $1,975, Spiked Heel-less Wedge – $2,243, Split Sole Black and Gold Bootie – $1,095 brownsfashion, Platform Louboutins – $1,395, Chunky Platform Animal Sandals – $760, Lattice Platform Sandals – $170

Want to drop a grand on a pair of pumps? Right this way.

Screen shot 2012-12-04 at 10.17.32 AM

Get it: (right, left, heading down) Bright Blue Suede Bootie – $1,150, Christian Dior Satin Ankle Strap – $notevenonshelvesyet, Pyramid Stud Sandal – $1,450, Patent and Mesh Lace Up – $1,090, Colorblock Wedge – $1,150, Metallic Toe Ankle Strap – $1,250, YSL Art Deco Heel – $1,040

And in real time, here’s our IRL shoe – on my feet right this moment. Wrong season, wrong color palette, wrong functionality for the rain that occurred this morning. Not worried about it.


Long live impracticality.


Shoesday Tuesday – All I Want (and would never ask) For Christmas


Now that Thanksgiving is over – it’s that time of the year to be bombarded by Christmas everywhere you go.

My family is big into celebrations and presents. And I am big into asking for shoes. However, I’m a realistic wisher.

If I weren’t – though – this is what I’d start with. A girl can dream, right?

Get it: (Upper Left and Headed Clockwise) YSL Mirrored Pump – $1,030, Glitter Heeled Mary Janes – $690, Marni Gold Heeled Ankle Boots – $1,000, Studded T-Straps – $850, Studded Wrapped Bow Boot – $1,495, Pointed Toe Bow Louboutins -$895, Multi Color Oxford T-Straps – $675, Copper Cut Out Peep Toes -$795, Red Lace Strappy Sandal -$895

For our IRL shoes – here’s a sampling of what is actually on my Christmas list.

Glitter Platform Pump – $50, Studded Oxfords – $11, Taupe Mesh Oxfords -$26, Leopard Bow Kitten Heel – $33

All budget conscious options. Go grab them yourself. We can be twins. I won’t be mad about it.