Cole’s in Downtown LA


Cole’s Downtown LA

Cole's in Downtown LA

Max The Bartender
Dear Max you look like my dad!

Coles a dim lit bar famously known for it’s French Dip sandwich is an important part to Los Angeles history. It’s LA’s oldest public house (opening in 1908) adorned with original glass lighting, penny tile floors, mahogany leather booths and historic photos that ooze a 1900’s tavern spirit. On the bar is a large tub of pickled eggs, which looks like a less-than appetizing science experiment. However, they are known for their homemade spicy pickle juice so alas I went for it and it did not disappoint! For a dollar each, the hard-boiled eggs are a perfect compliment to their phenomenal cocktails including the Moscow Mule (presented in a proper copper mug), The Old Fashioned, and the Sazerac. They are all served by a very dapper bartender, the lovely Max, wearing but of course a bowler hat. Cole’s classic french dips are served with a cup of house-made Au Jus along with an atomic pickle spear. Be sure to order a side of the breaded Mac N’2 Cheeses or their Spicy Garlic Sweet Potato Fries. Take a step back in time and enjoy a historic cocktail and all the character this place has to offer. It will not disappoint. After imbibing at Coles escape thru a small nameless door in the back that opens up to yet another LA treasure The Varnish room. We’ll let you form your own opinion on this little “speakeasy”.

– Anna Cherry

Awesome Hard Boiled Eggs for 1 Dollar! Yum

Pickled Eggs & Moscow Mule