Low Lights For Fall


Hi Kids!


Sorry I missed the mark on posting last week…I was a serious worker bee at my salon….hope you missed me!


Any who onto more important things, now that labor day has come and gone that means summer is over :(….and fall is quickly coming. So in the spirit of the fall its time to go dark, darker with your color that is. For our blonde friends no more extra blonde highlights and looking super blonde. Tell your stylist that you are looking for more contrast and want to throw in some darker blonde or light brunette highlights to get you ready for the fall. For our brunette friends instead of going darker think about throwing in some lighter brunette (either highlights, peek-a-boo or ombre) pieces to give you a little contrast. This will help brighten up your skin while we sadly are loosing the beautiful tan skin of summer.



So while our days are shortening and we are throwing on more layers getting for the nippy weather, get your hair ready and do some lowlights for fall!