Wedding Gift Idea


DIY: Wedding Gift Idea

         Wedding season is upon us. How many of you have to go to at least two or more weddings this summer? Or are in them!? They are a happy time and can be fun, but boy do they get pricey! Here are some different ideas and tips on how to give the betrothed a thoughtful and unique gift that won’t break your budget.

            First of all I encourage you to take into consideration the couple’s style.  You don’t have to get them something from their registry but look at what they are asking for and think of what types of items, colors, or patterns will compliment what they have selected for their new home nicely.  Now keep that in the back of your mind and start shopping.

            You have probably never thought to go to a thrift store to shop for a wedding gift, but I encourage you to start looking at things differently!  Go straight to the glass, metal, brick-a-brack aisles, you’ll be surprised at what you can find.  While you are shopping those cluttered aisles try to look at each individual piece for its potential.  Make sure to only select items that are good quality and not broken.  There are always tons of beautifully patterned vases and glass canisters (that are often on registries) that once dusted off look brand new or even still have the price tags on them and are in their original boxes.  I found tons of these types of glass canisters that look brand new!  You can give this as is or fill with goodies like linen napkins.  You can also find full sets of wine glasses that you can monogram yourself with stencils or applique rhinestones.

            Farmer’s market antique craft shows and flea markets go on through out the summer and they are another great resource!  At many of them they have beautifully aged decor and kitchen items incredibly cheap!  I found canisters like these to fill with tea and this cute little tea pots to accompany it.  The pewter salt shakers I got for $6!

I love those kitchy “flour”, “sugar” canisters.  Cool ones are expensive so I decided to make my own Pottery Barnesque set for myself.

1.)   Start out with glass canisters, 3 or 4 (make sure there are no cracks), I bought 3 of these for $1 a piece!

2.)  Purchase some type of paint that will work well with glass.  I used spray paint because it’s fast, easy and there are tons of options from, flat, shiny, pounded metal look, even ones that look and give the texture of stone.  Wash and dry your lids thoroughly then tape off or stuff the tops and start painting! It’s better to do a few layers and let them dry in between then making them drip with too much paint.


3.)   There are tons of options at this point, get creative!  You can look at craft or thrift stores for toppers, feathers, or figurines that you can glue on with a strong adhesive.  I found these heavy little brass birds for $2 at a thrift store and I had a few pretty feathers lying around.

 4.)   There are so many different things that you can do! I stopped there because it suits my style but you can glue fabrics on the sides of the canisters like lace or tulle.  If you aren’t great at painting letters freehand I highly recommend that you print off the words or designs that you want to paint and cut them out with an exacto knife.  Just because we are making things at home does not mean we want them to look “homemade”.  You could also glue metal decals or pendants to the sides (found in the jewelry making aisle at craft stores).  Have fun!

Now, if you are not the crafting type or do not have the time here are a few other gifts ideas:

Places like Hobby Lobby, Joanne Fabrics and other craft stores always have great sales and good quality home decor.  Instead of looking for home decor at a department store, print out a 40% coupon for one of these stores (which are usually always available online).  Right now lanterns seem to be a big home trend.  At places like Pier 1 they are about $75- $150 a piece, but at craft stores they are about half that price and with your coupon even cheaper!

I love this idea!  Wal-mart and a few other photo centers (depending on your location) offer the service of turning a photo into a canvas.  You can do this online or in the store, all you need is a photo of the couple.  You pick out the size you want, for a gift I recommend no smaller than 8X10 and place your order.  It can even be framed all for under $50!  It is very thoughtful, a great gift for anyone and looks like you spent more than you actually did.