Shoesday Tuesday – Patriotic Thursday


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Everything you need for July 4th – feet related, anyway.

Get it: (top left heading clockwise) White and Blue Striped Pumps: $770, Thin Stripe Mules – $123, Blue Ankle Strap Sandal – $50, Red and White Striped Loafer – $272, Red and White Dotted Ballet Flat – $50, Patent Leather Blue Bow Flat – $68, White Ankle Strap Sandal – $109, Red Wedge Sandal – $115


Shoesday Tuesday – Spring Forward with Love


It’s officially spring. And although it doesn’t feel like it yet – I am optimistic. But I’m not only referring to the weather.

Today – as the Supreme Court hashed out a conversation about Marriage Equality – I was uplifted and inspired by the amount of love and positivity I came upon throughout the day via the interwebs. I knew I chose my friends for a reason.

In the spirit of social equality, happiness, Springtime, and love – here’s some shoe eye candy from every color in the rainbow.




Get it: Roy G. Biv style – Red Patent Leather Double Strap T-Straps – $725, Two Toned Orange Pumps – $116, Yellow Pointed Ballet Flat – $42, Green Patent Pumps – $495, Blue Strappy Sandals – $40, Indigo T-Strap Peep Toes – $90, Violet Snakeskin Ankle Strap – $?


“I might not be the same but that’s not important. No freedom til we’re equal; damn right I support it.” Same Love. – Macklemore



Shoesday Tuesday – Pantone Powers That Be


In fashion land – trends are predetermined by the chosen ones and we all jump on the boat. Some designers even pay forecasting companies to give them their inspirational mood boards.

Included in those forecasts is always: Color. And the color bible is the almighty Pantone book. Each year Pantone chooses a color of the year – last year’s being Tangerine Tango. (That insane name has haunted me for the past 365 days.)

With 2013 comes a new Pantone of the year and the lucky winner is Emerald. However, we can’t all go around only wearing green – so we’ve been blessed with other options that are sure to be in all the stores very soon.

Let’s take a look at the 2013’s approved colors – and the shoe options that follow suit.



Get it: (upper left, heading clockwise) Cut Out Platform Sandals – $120, Gold Platform Pumps – $945, Mesh Panel Pumps – $175, Thick Velcro Ankle Strap Kitten Heels – $40, Studded Loafers – $65, Kate Spade Cut Out Crocs – $328, Bow Front Suede Pump – $117

Monaco Blue

Monaco Blue

Get it: (upper left, heading clockwise) Suede Bow Fronts – $26, Platform Wedge Buckled Sling Backs – $72, Suede and Patent Peep Toes – $820, Sheer Polka Dot Ankle Straps – $298, Gold Toe Cap Flats – $45, Patent Leather Wedges – $61, Lanvin Crystal Sandals – $2,800

Lemon Zest



Get it: (top, bottom, right, left) Bow Peep Toe Jellies – $35, T-Strap Patent Leather Wedges – $675, McQueen Curved Satin Heels – $795, Platform Bow Ankle Strap Peep Toes – $90, Snakeskin Cut Out Pumps – $600 the, Tassle Tie Ups – $198

Poppy Red

Poppy Red

Get it: (top, bottom, right, left) Peep Toe Ankle Straps – $695, Rain Proof Bow Jelly Flats – $48, Vintage Pointed Kitten Heels – Sold Out!, Peep Toe Platforms – $50, Suede Slashed T-Straps – $1,045, Patent Leather Brogues – $175



Get it: (left, right, top, bottom) Two Toned Lace Up Oxfords – $388,  Satin and Suede Peep Toes – $99, Rose Gold Toe Capped Pumps – $89, Strappy Platform Sandals – $1,606, Bow Back Platform Pumps – $150, Round Toe Mary Janes – $278 the

Since we are talking Spring – time to start my birthday wish list.


Shoesday Tuesday – Electoral Escapism


Tonight, I’ll be blogging about two very American concepts – voting and escapism.

Today is election day. As a woman – who 100 years ago wouldn’t have been able to vote – I don’t take this day lightly. And while NYC has let me down twice throughout this Presidential race – I’m remaining hopeful and feeling patriotic.

Always the one to express myself via clothing – I opted for a bit of red, white, and blue today. (IRL proof to come) As I type, there are only 30 minutes left to vote on the East Coast – so here’s some American inspired shoe candy to keep you hopeful for your candidate.

Get it: (upper left corner heading clockwise) Blue Cut Outs – $910, Red Toe Capped Pumps – $40, White Wedges – $190, Blue Lattice Heels – $thesebelongtotheinterweb ,White Ruffle Ankle Boot – $524, Red Patent Leather Bootie – $1,155, Studded Heeled Bootie – $64, American Flag Pumps – $32

And just in case your candidate doesn’t win tonight – you can take part in America’s other past time – escapism.

Being a fashion designer, artist, and teacher – I look at art
(and fashion) from many different angles. No matter what your background or profession might be – art is often used as an escape from reality. To me – fashion has always been art and in that vein, has also always been an escape.

I will never stop looking into every single shoe store I walk by. I’m even drawn to pairs of shoes you couldn’t pay me to put on my own feet. All forms of expression are artistic to me and I can find beauty in almost all things. A special kind of beauty. The kind that just makes me light up from the inside. And that might sound trivial or silly – but it’s better than finding the ugly in everything you see, everywhere you go.

So take a look at some beauty. Some pieces of art I was instantly drawn to – possibly for no reason. I might not want to own all of these things. (And I definitely wouldn’t spend money on them all..) But at those times where I need to escape – this is where I find it.

Get it: (row by row – left to right) Buckled Up Open Toe Bootie – $560, Gold Embellished Front Boots – $1,833, Studs and Chains Wedges – $60, Blue and Black Leather Ankle Boot – $845, Embellished Toe Mary Jane – $1,695, Alexander McQueen Grey Studded Heel – $1,365, Alexander McQueen Zipped and Studded Bootie – $1,435, Royal Blue Studded Pumps – $100, Balenciaga Patent Leather Mary Jane Pumps – $945, Criss-Cross Front Ankle Boot – $875, Balenciaga Color Blocked Pump – $725, Red T-Straps – $1,095, Wooden Heel Platform Pumps – $355, Glitter Stella McCartney Loafer Heels – $600, Bronze Peep Toes – $795, Valentino Studded Bootie – $1,155, Yves Saint Laurent Striped Ankle Strap – $1,195, Side Bow Ankle Boot – $297

Back to Patriotism. Here’s our IRL shoe of the day.

Yours truly bringing America to the workplace.

Time to hold tight for the rest of the evening waiting for the results. If things don’t go my way – I plan on escaping to France. Feel free to meet me there. I’ll be standing outside a shoe store.


Top Ten: Things We Love about the Fourth!!


Top Ten: Things We Love about the Fourth!!

1. Red Lips!

2. BBQ!

Photo: Dana Tarr

3. Fireworks

4. Jeffrey Campbell’s American Flag Lita Boots!

5. Patriotic Nail Art

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Clip in or Clip not


Clip in or Clip not

I have a client that was growing her hair out for her wedding. She wanted long, luscious hair that could be styled into an up-do. After a year of growing, her hair did not get to the length she needed. I suggested we get her clip in extensions so that she could have the hair she always dreamed of for her big day. Clip in’s are a wonderful way to transform your look without having to commit to a big change. Say you want to add a fun color to your hair like blue, pink or purple. Don’t put your hair thru the hair color change, just buy clip in’s. Or for a fun night out get a clip in bang and completely change your look. For the guys out there that want to add a little lift or dimension to their hair get a small clip in and take your style to the next level.

When buying clip in’s there are three things that you need to remember:
1. If you aren’t purposely trying to use funky colors try and find clip in’s that are a good match to your hair color.
2. Buy real human hair or remy hair. While these are pricier then using synthetic the advantage of using human hair is that you can dye it, curl it, flat iron it and the hair will not have the waxy look that synthetic hair does.
3. Make sure your hair is long enough to cover the clip ins and that your hair in a way that the extensions look like they are part of your hair. Nothing is uglier then when you see a girls track.

This entry is going to be part of a series called “If You Can’t Achieve It Weave It”. There are so many ways now that women and men can enhance their hair with extensions, clip ins, fusions and weaves. Check out next week when I talk about fusions….thanks!