Shoesday Tuesday – Summer Candy


Shoesday Tuesday - Summer Candy

This Friday marks the start of summer. It’s time for fresh starts and candy colors.

Begin again. You’re welcome.

Get it: (top center, heading clockwise) Metallic Two Tone Sandal – $344, Color Blocked Textured Heel Loafer – $591, Grey and Mint Oxfords – $53, Floral Platform Sandal – $308, Polka Dot Flamingo Heels – $495, Blue and Neutral Shade Wedges – $79, Creamsicle and Mint Pumps – $249

Shoesday Tuesday – New Shoes for the Soul


The past two days have been difficult ones for me at work. and sometimes when you’re down – a little retail therapy can pick you right up. (Using a gift card to make said purchase also helps. Cue zero guilt.)

So on my lunch break I wandered over to Forever 21 and found these beauties. Under $30? Yes please.