House of Correia Pop Up Shop Review



Photo by: Susan Trotiner

    What’s a girl to do on a breezy, winter NYC night?…well, go to a pop-up shop to brighten up the wardrobe and get ready for the holidays.  House of Correia – spunky, fun, vintage and affordable!  As my friend and I walked through the door of the suite, a handsome gentleman who graciously accepted our coats and invited us to some sangria greeted us.  Beauty and drinks?!?!  I was into this already.  The suite buzzed with excited shoppers sifting through leggings, beanies, custom vintage bags and the ever-so-cool Infinity scarf.  Now, this scarf is something else…Ms. Keriann Correia herself swiftly demonstrated 4 different ways to adorn the scarf.  My friend fell in love and immediately purchased (we later tried all the fancy ways to wear it, to much success!).  Price – $20.

_DSC0718 photo-1

       In the suite, I spotted a display of vintage bags, which made me heart skip a beat…or two…maybe even three.  Give me now.  Classy with an updated modern edge, the bags are a feature of House of Correia that truly stands out.  These are pieces I know will never be found anywhere else, and most importantly, not on anyone else.  A girl’s got to set herself apart from the crowd.  I scooped up “Grandma Phyllis’s Couch Purse”, a black flower-patterned upholstery style vintage bag with kinky, gold-colored linked chains on the front and on the strap capture that good girl-bad girl vibe perfectly.  Undeniable great catch at $50.


      A full-length mirror positioned strategically to let you do a catwalk with the goods and get feedback from fellow shoppers made the shopping experience even more fun. With the hilarious and energetic host, Miss Lissa of Miss Lissa Knows, kept us all laughing and entertained with quips and motivating shopper-talk.  Oh, the sangria helped too.

       Exploring all the offerings was easy.  A rack of cool t-shirts, bomber jackets, one of a kind dresses, short-shorts, and highly stylized skirts sat nicely arranged in the middle of the shopping suite.  A jewelry display of all sorts of Costume Jewelry…  And dope studded beanies were super cute.  If you need some color and character in your wardrobe, House of Correia’s leggings are exactly what you need in your life.  It’s for the bold, HERE I AM kind of gal. Flower prints of reds, greens, and purples on some leggings.  Psychedelic prints with more muted tones on others.  All of them are sure to make a statement!

      As we all shopped and talked, it felt like a hang out with friends.  When I wanted to simply mingle with others, I stepped away from the main showroom and back into the immediate entrance area (with the really cute host guy.  Did I mention him??)  I could still bop my head to the music coming from the showroom and plant my derriere in a seat to bask in the glow of my awesome purchase.


      What I loved about the experience of House of Correia’s pop-up shop is the synergistic way the style of the clothes, shoppers, and event seamlessly weaved into one whole concept.  This is a movement with character, creativity and authenticity.  Very exciting indeed!

       The next pop-up shop is slated for Valentine’s Day shopping.  Get sexy, get edgy for your lovely night out (or in if you’re a Valentine’s Day scrooge).  Doesn’t matter, just come out and partake in the fun.

If you are not in New York be sure to check out her etsy:


Get Your Holiday Shop on!


Ohhh Heeyyyy New York City!

I want you to come drink, shop and be merry with me!

On Wed, Dec. 19th I will be holding my first ever Pop Up Shop.


Come get all of your loved ones (or yourself) something different and awesome this Holiday Season. 

Here is a sneak peak of all the goodies:


Hope to see you there!




Shoesday Tuesday (Wednesday) – A Belated Lesson in Thanksgiving Dressing


After an hour of unsuccessfully trying to get my computer to turn on last night (only after completing the longest day of my professional work life) it’s time for a belated Wednesday version of Shoesday Tuesday.


Luckily, I’m thankful for a lot more than just makeshift technology.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving – let’s figure out what we should wear this turkey day. Most of the time – I base my outfit around the shoes I’d like to wear. (I’m sure this surprises no one.)


So let’s take a look at some basic on trend staples and accessorize them with clothes for a change.


The Studded Ankle Boot

Get it: The shoe – $20, the dress – $70, The cape – $12, The bag – $36, The scarf – $16, The glasses – $


Mid-Calf Leather Boot



Get it: The shoe – $48, The sweater – $24, The skirt – $32, The hat – $32, The gloves – $50


The Animal Loafer



Get it: The shoe – $30 , The dress – $35 , The cape – $25 , The belt – $5 , The gloves – $22 , The ring – $25


The Glitter Pump




Get it: The shoes – $40 , The top – $50 , The pants – $19 , The cape – $140, The bag – $35 , The cuff – $44


Apparently I love a cape. Maybe I’ll base my own outfit off of that instead..



Photo Story: October Look




This photo set is going back to November of 2010.

It was an amazing shoot in my old apartment, Miss Brittany Taylor came down

from Providence to make magic with me and the lovely Ashton Warren.

Model: Ashton Warren

Photographer: Brittanny Taylor

Stylist: Keriann Correia

Click here for more Brittany Taylor Photography


EMMY’S 2012


Did you kids watch the Emmy’s this year? I am not always the biggest fan of watching award shows, however this one was actually really good. I was so happy that one of my favorite shows “Homeland” won so many awards!!!!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Now onto the most important topic, hair! I felt like there was an overall theme which was effortless glamour. It seemed like gone were the days of stiff updo’s and overdone make-up and the main focus was allowing their natural beauty to come out. The dresses ran the gambit from architectural to ethereal but still the hair had a very just got out of bed look. Not saying that is a bad thing, I love the idea of having a couture gown on and then toning down the hair and makeup. Sometimes at award shows the women look like barbie dolls but at the Emmy’s this year they looked effortless and chic. Bravo women of television for showing some restraint and letting the gowns shine.




Original Bad Girls Club



I woke up this morning to an e-mail from my lovely friend, Susan, From Pastourelle (Check out her amazing blog)

linking me to the Top 23 Vintage Bad Girl Mugshots!

I instantly fell in love with these Bad Apples, with their perfect cat eyes and killer bee hives!

Here are my favs, But check out Bad bee Hive Babes! for the complete list.


Shoesday Tuesday: Bargain Basement


As promised last week – this Shoesday Tuesday is all about the bargain shoe. Not much feels better than getting something awesome for a really amazing price. And while I am a sucker for staring at aesthetically pleasing eye candy – I will never spend more than 30 bucks on a pair of shoes. (Exceptions to this rule include Betsey Johnson or maybe a substantial winter boot.)

Let’s start off with an affordable feast for the eyes via 15 under $50. That’s right – all fifteen of these beautiful specimen are fifty bucks and under. So go grab them, why don’t you?

Get it: (upper left corner and around the clock) Blue Heeled Pump – $25, Leopard Print Brogues – $40, Angled Colorblock Bootie – $36, Patent Leather T-Strap Flat – $49, Metallic Capped Pointed Flat – $13, Leopard Heel Ankle Strap Pump – $45, Metallic Tri-Color Pump – $50, Glitter Mod Pump – $50, Peach Ankle Strap Pump – $30, Snake Heel Ankle Strap Flat – $35, Glitter Peep Toe Pump – $38, Purple Suede Bow Wedge – $45, Pink Heeled Saddle Shoe – $30, Laser Cut Tied Flats – $, Tri-Color Metallic Peep Toes – $22

And if you’re looking for a one stop bargain shop – look no further than They’re having a mega sale right now with tons of shoes priced at $20 a pop. Here are my fave picks.


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Shoesday Tuesday: Savoring Summer


So it’s officially almost the end of summer and the countdown begins to September 22nd and falling leaves. The fashion rule of thumb says “No white after labor day,” but supposedly rules were meant to be broken. But, in case you are a stickler for rules – maybe the following eye candy will sway you.

Get it: (from top left, going clockwise) White Studded Gladiator Sandal – $16, Eyelet Courts in White and Tan – $100, Christian Louboutin Ankle Strap Pumps – $waytoomuch, White Studded Ankle Boots – $50, Stud Slippers – $64, Alice + Olivia Strappy Heel – $207, White Sling Back – $80, Lundberg Ankle Boot – $79, Metal Cap Mary Janes – $, Studded Wedge Sandal – $43, Saddle Shoes – $60, Phillip Lim Pumps – $450

And just in case you insist on keeping with tradition – check out some pre fall favorites to make you forget about the beach and look forward to thigh high socks!

Get it: (from top left, going clockwise) Ace Brown Ankle Boot – $750, Leather Lace Up Boots – $79, Cut Out Bootie – $don’tevenlook, Zara Studded Ankle Boot – $129, Givenchy Lace Up Boot – $don’tevenlookpart2, Leopard Open Toe Bootie – $whydoIkeeppickingsuchexpensiveshoes, Jessica Simpson Patched Leather Ankle Boot – $140, Alexander McQueen Cut Out Bootie – $seriouslyI’msorry, Alice + Olivia Suede Ankle Boot – $, Alaia Suede and Mesh Bootie – $nextpostwillbebargainshoes!, Front Strap Wooden Platforms – $okaylastone

For a cheaper option – today’s IRL shoe again comes from yours truly. These babies are my favorite all-year-round-started-out-comfortable-but-now-they-kind-of-hurt amazing shoe for a night on the town. And I got them on sale! Even better. TopShop, ladies.

Seriously – next week – bargain shoes. Get ready because I’m really good at it!!



Shoesday Tuesday


It’s often said that beauty is pain. Fortunately, I don’t buy into that. Of course – there is the occasional shoe that is just too beautiful to pass up despite the cuts and bruises it may cause. But there is almost nothing worse than hobbling around in excruciating foot pain. And if you can’t walk in them – don’t wear them.

In that vein – lets ogle some flats that are as pretty as they are sensible.


Get it: (From upper left corner and around clockwise) Oxford Mary Jane Pointed Ballerina – $87, Chloe Bronze Ballet Flats – $485, Kate Spade New York Eddie – $228, BowKnot Chain Ballet Flat – $free?, Chanel Leather Pearl Bow Flats – $alsofree?, City Classified Pink Flat – $18, Sidewalk Polka Dot Sidewalk Skimmer – $98, Chinese Laundry Stud Flats – $50, Sophia Blue and Silver flat – $freetothethirdpower, Alice + Olivia Back Bow Flat – $195, Studded Ballet Flats – $115, Valentino Studded Patent Leather Flats – $895, Vintage Inspired Flat Saddles Shoes – $60, White Patent Leather Bow Flat – $46, Red Leather City Flat – $108

Or when all else fails – put a wedge on it. I’m a huge proponent of the wedge. I actually find them more comfortable than a flat most of the time. Grab one that hugs your foot just right and be able to run a marathon without sacrificing your artificial height.



Get it: (left/right/left/right from top to bottom) Steve Madden X Strap Wedge – $80, Yellow and Black Wedge Pump – $88, Studded Raffia Sandal Wedge – $668, Black Lace Up Wedge Bootie – $47, Gilda Wedge Sandals – $359, Mint Peeptoe Bow Wedge – $70, Bebe Metallic Shoes – $135, Coral Matte Bow Wedge – $90, Armani Peep Toe Lace Up Wedge – $795

Today’s IRL shoe comes from yours truly. These babies have become my everyday shoe. Perfect height, perfect comfort, perfect amount of dressy-ness, perfect amount of bad-ass-ness.


Sorry ladies! I got them second hand from a buffalo exchange. So these bad boys are all mine.

❤ Mal



Shoesday Tuesday

“I have stronger emotions towards footwear than I do for any humans” – The ManRepeller

What is it about shoes exactly? I’m not sure. But, I think we all just need to admit that when you’re feeling blue – even just looking at a bunch of pretty shoes can lighten your mood. It definitely makes me feel better about life.
And it’s just a fact that when you wake up feeling too tired to go to work, if you throw on a pair of exciting shoes (that maybe also take a little bit of extra focus to walk in successfully) you’ll wake up and feel that much more ready to face the day. So let’s pretend that I have the means to buy anything I see on the internet and revel in some beauty.

Get it: (starting at upper left corner and heading around in a circular motion)                Purple Bow Flats – H&M $16, Spring Ballet Bow Flats – $44,      Colorblock Brandley Wedges – Aldo $49, Nude Studded Slipper – $49, Paris Pointed Colorblock Pumps – $47, Bow Strap Velvet Mary Jane – $40, Lace Up Flat – $21, Magical Peacock Pumps that only exist on the interweb – free??, Colorblock Flat – H&M $20, Madden Girl Jacobz Oxford – $50, ColorMatching Platform Pumps – $19.37, ColorBlock Platform Sandals – H&M $39

As if that colorful explosion wasn’t enough for you – let’s take two of my obsessions and throw them together.

Shoes + Bows.


And just so you have a little more faith in humanity – here’s my IRL (in real life) shoe of the week.

These are my coworker’s Vivienne Westwood knock offs. Making our office a better place.