Review: The OFFICIAL Raekwon “The Lost Jewlry” EP Listening Party @ PNC Radio



Lost Jewlry

PNC Radio hosted the official Raekwon “The Lost Jewlry” listening party earlier this month – a collection of songs that will satisfy lovers of classic Wu-Tang Clan music. The EP drops 1/15/13 and features songs by veteran producers like Scram Jones and Buckwild.


The DUMBO loft of PNC’s home location is a perfectly situated space along the water with an outdoor deck, which creates an intimate environment to socialize and network. Drinks by 1800 Coconut Vodka and NUVO quenched the crowd’s thirst, except a strange chocolate flavored edition that quickly needs to be discontinued.


Now, now. I’m usually a fan of places with lots of men…(anyone who knows me KNOWS this is no secret) but this was a bit overwhelming on first entry – a packed house of testosterone x100, readily anticipating a good show. The 14 year-old girl in me wanted to exclaim, “Oh my God I can’t wait to hear him perform!” Yeah, I wonder how that would’ve gone over. Anywho – I fell back and enjoyed the DJ playing rap/hip-hop songs fit for any connoisseur of the culture.


My love affair with Wu-Tang’s music started when I first heard their song “M-E-T-H-O-D Man” sitting on the steps of my Crown Heights brownstone back in the early 90’s. Dope. It was an infectious song that possessed me to feverishly hunt down the origins of this amazing music, which sounded unlike anything I had ever heard before. Those were the days of MixTape DJ’s like S&S and Clue. So anything hot surely ended up on one of those cassettes (yeah, I said cassettes). First you had to ask a friend if they ever heard it, then ask another friend and then friends of friends until you found your mixtape gem…Oh the days when a “buzz” was organic.


Hence, I was exposed to Wu-Tang Clan. And forever a fan. In love with their themes of family, loyalty, pursuit of financial wealth, and plain ol’ good story-telling…14 year-old me – a private school Brooklyn girl rocking Timberlands, Jansport on back, Tommy on Top, Gibaud’s on bottom. was very much so partial hood-rat. Fast forward 20 years later, attending an exclusive listening party for one of my favorite of the Clan, I sincerely hoped the 5 song EP would satisfy my need to connect with the music and be true to having ummmm, grown up.


Raekwon not only made me happy to be in attendance, but also reaffirmed why he’s garnered the reputation of being such a great MC and writer. He spouted words of motivation, being open minded to pursue opportunities where you typically wouldn’t look, and looking damned good while you do it. Those are ideas I R-E-S-P-E-C-T! He enthusiastically encouraged the crowd to become “Hood Mobile.” In other words – stop doing the same things you’ve been doing and change your game up. Think outside the box and explore the world. His song “Lobbyist” playfully ribbed at folks who choose to hang around in building lobbies instead of venturing out to do something different with their time. I can’t even stand to work a job and not do anything else with my time…so, the Lobbyists?? Yeah, I feel you Raekwon. It’s archaic.


Not one to be untrue to himself, Raekwon spoke as a leader and artist. Encouraging other writers to do what they were born to do – write! And even telling the young guys in the crowd to learn to be humble, and that’s how they’ll grow and mature into men. These kinds of messages are true to the culture of hip-hop and I’m glad to see the vets continuing that message. In all, Raekwon’s strong presence , humor, and forward-going energy made the night a worthy experience and one to log into my book of adventures.



Aliya Simone

New Year, New Hair

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (and a belated Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah).


I have been thinking about resolutions and why do we make them. Do we make them because we feel like we didn’t do enough this past year or do we make them for a fresh start…what do you kids think? This new year I am reflecting back to this past year and thinking about how to go forward and make some changes in my life a.k.a resolutions. Like every person I definitely want to work out more and take better care of my health/loose some weight. I want to continue working on my craft and improving my skills everyday. Lastly I have had this fun short haircut for 2 years now and have decided to let it grow out….long hair here I come.



2013 should be called the year of daring hair! Looking into the new year one of the biggest hair trends is going to be the Side Part. I know your saying side part, how is that a trend. Well there are many ways of doing it, deep side part, textured side part, sleek side part, side part with braid and the trend goes on and on. Its all about reinventing something that seems so simple and making it your own.




Another big trend in 2013 is Platinum Blonde Hair. Going platinum makes a true statement and you will definitely stand out in a crowd. However going platinum is not for the faint of heart. It can be very damaging to your hair and you will have to be at the salon much more often then usual. However if you take care of your hair and make sure you speak to your stylist about preserving the integrity of your hair and this will look beautiful.






A really daring new look for men in 2013 is the Undercut. This used to be considered a hair cut only for the young, but thanks to shows like Boardwalk Empire this haircut is being brought back. If you decide to get this haircut just remember that this does not work on everyone. If you have curly hair I wouldn’t recommend it since it will be difficult to slick your hair back (unless you want to put in the work blowdrying/styling). Also consider your face shape if you have a very round shaped face this haircut may accentuate that. However this haircut can be modified and I think is a really sexy look for men this upcoming season.


Get your resolutions in place and remember the best change you can make is to your hair. It will change your look, mood and self esteem. Happy New Year everyone. I hope this year brings you everything your heart desires.





House of Correia Pop Up Shop Review



Photo by: Susan Trotiner

    What’s a girl to do on a breezy, winter NYC night?…well, go to a pop-up shop to brighten up the wardrobe and get ready for the holidays.  House of Correia – spunky, fun, vintage and affordable!  As my friend and I walked through the door of the suite, a handsome gentleman who graciously accepted our coats and invited us to some sangria greeted us.  Beauty and drinks?!?!  I was into this already.  The suite buzzed with excited shoppers sifting through leggings, beanies, custom vintage bags and the ever-so-cool Infinity scarf.  Now, this scarf is something else…Ms. Keriann Correia herself swiftly demonstrated 4 different ways to adorn the scarf.  My friend fell in love and immediately purchased (we later tried all the fancy ways to wear it, to much success!).  Price – $20.

_DSC0718 photo-1

       In the suite, I spotted a display of vintage bags, which made me heart skip a beat…or two…maybe even three.  Give me now.  Classy with an updated modern edge, the bags are a feature of House of Correia that truly stands out.  These are pieces I know will never be found anywhere else, and most importantly, not on anyone else.  A girl’s got to set herself apart from the crowd.  I scooped up “Grandma Phyllis’s Couch Purse”, a black flower-patterned upholstery style vintage bag with kinky, gold-colored linked chains on the front and on the strap capture that good girl-bad girl vibe perfectly.  Undeniable great catch at $50.


      A full-length mirror positioned strategically to let you do a catwalk with the goods and get feedback from fellow shoppers made the shopping experience even more fun. With the hilarious and energetic host, Miss Lissa of Miss Lissa Knows, kept us all laughing and entertained with quips and motivating shopper-talk.  Oh, the sangria helped too.

       Exploring all the offerings was easy.  A rack of cool t-shirts, bomber jackets, one of a kind dresses, short-shorts, and highly stylized skirts sat nicely arranged in the middle of the shopping suite.  A jewelry display of all sorts of Costume Jewelry…  And dope studded beanies were super cute.  If you need some color and character in your wardrobe, House of Correia’s leggings are exactly what you need in your life.  It’s for the bold, HERE I AM kind of gal. Flower prints of reds, greens, and purples on some leggings.  Psychedelic prints with more muted tones on others.  All of them are sure to make a statement!

      As we all shopped and talked, it felt like a hang out with friends.  When I wanted to simply mingle with others, I stepped away from the main showroom and back into the immediate entrance area (with the really cute host guy.  Did I mention him??)  I could still bop my head to the music coming from the showroom and plant my derriere in a seat to bask in the glow of my awesome purchase.


      What I loved about the experience of House of Correia’s pop-up shop is the synergistic way the style of the clothes, shoppers, and event seamlessly weaved into one whole concept.  This is a movement with character, creativity and authenticity.  Very exciting indeed!

       The next pop-up shop is slated for Valentine’s Day shopping.  Get sexy, get edgy for your lovely night out (or in if you’re a Valentine’s Day scrooge).  Doesn’t matter, just come out and partake in the fun.

If you are not in New York be sure to check out her etsy:





gregorykaouaco0nverticlebangs2012hairstyles_thumb johngillespiecroppedfringehaircuts2012_thumb macantonicurvedbangs2012hairstyle_thumb miekahairdressingcoloredbangs_thumb monroehairdressingbluntfringe2012_thumb

Sorry I have been gone for the past couple of weeks, things have been super hectic in the hair world.


So now that it is finally feeling like winter and your feeling like getting out of the winter blues change up your hair. And the best way to do it is get some bangs! Whether they’re full and square, short and rounded or just swept to the side, bangs frame the face and accentuate the eyes. If you don’t want to commit to actual bangs (I know the grow out sucks!) go out and buy a clip in bang, commitment-free style.


When styling, start drying the bangs first and remember to use the nozzle attachment on your blow-dryer. The key to getting the perfect style is by directing the airflow straight down from the root . Using a vent or denman brush and brushing side to side will keep them sleek. If you don’t want to commit to actual bangs (I know the grow out sucks!) go out and buy a clip in bang, commitment-free style. Here are the different ways of getting bangs.


So ladies bang it up this winter and give your hairstyle a fun new change.





02-elle-hair-trends-fall-2012-tabatha-coffey-perfect-ponytails-06-xln-lgn bangsfringetrendsfor2012hairstyles_thumb



So recently at work some of the stylists have been talking about chalking hair. I pretended I knew what they were talking about but really had no clue (haha). So last week I had the pleasure of learning about chalking and be a model. This is a fun way of using pop colors in your hair without the commitment as it washes right out. Here are the steps to chalking your hair.

-Buy a non oil based chalk. Try and use something that is higher in quality as the colors will be richer, so no sidewalk chalk.

-Make sure your hair is damp.

-Apply a pomade to the area that is going to be chalked. Again try and not to use something oil based because once the chalk is applied it can rub off if too oily.

-Take a section of your hair and twist it and start applying the chalk to the area you want. You just need to rub the chalk onto your hair you may have to do this for a minute. Use multiple colors throughout your hair for a funky look or a different color on the ends for an ombre effect.

-Apply a hairspray, something that goes on wet.

-Flat iron the section of your hair with the chalk to set it.

-Apply hairspray one last time and voila you are chalked!

So go out there and buy some chalk and have fun with colors. Remember it washes out so it isn’t permanent just a fun new technique to give you a little pop!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone, hope you all have a wonderful day filled with laughter, joy and food!!!!!



Shoesday Tuesday (Wednesday) – A Belated Lesson in Thanksgiving Dressing


After an hour of unsuccessfully trying to get my computer to turn on last night (only after completing the longest day of my professional work life) it’s time for a belated Wednesday version of Shoesday Tuesday.


Luckily, I’m thankful for a lot more than just makeshift technology.


In the spirit of Thanksgiving – let’s figure out what we should wear this turkey day. Most of the time – I base my outfit around the shoes I’d like to wear. (I’m sure this surprises no one.)


So let’s take a look at some basic on trend staples and accessorize them with clothes for a change.


The Studded Ankle Boot

Get it: The shoe – $20, the dress – $70, The cape – $12, The bag – $36, The scarf – $16, The glasses – $


Mid-Calf Leather Boot



Get it: The shoe – $48, The sweater – $24, The skirt – $32, The hat – $32, The gloves – $50


The Animal Loafer



Get it: The shoe – $30 , The dress – $35 , The cape – $25 , The belt – $5 , The gloves – $22 , The ring – $25


The Glitter Pump




Get it: The shoes – $40 , The top – $50 , The pants – $19 , The cape – $140, The bag – $35 , The cuff – $44


Apparently I love a cape. Maybe I’ll base my own outfit off of that instead..





Hey Everyone!!!

So last week I had the pleasure to do my besties hair. After a hard couple of weeks dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy Cheryl was ready to get a little pampering. It had been a little over 6 weeks since the last time I had done a partial highlight on her and many months since she had, had a haircut. So this time we decided to add in a lowlight to give her some dimension and bring her into the fall. I used the Aveda color line. For my colorists out there her formula was daylight + 40 volume, enlightener + 20 volume + 7n permanent + violet/blue + 20 volume. After she was done processing I put a toner on her just to freshen up the previous highlights she had and give her a little shine. The formula for that was Universal 0n + 10n + violet/blue + light yellow/orange + crème cta. I let the toner sit on for about 5 minutes.


I used the Aveda Pure Abundance Shampoo and Conditioner on Cheryl. This line will give you lots of body and movement without drying out your hair.

For Cheryl’s haircut she wanted to improve the health/condition of her hair but still wanted to maintain length while adding some volume/weight. We agreed on taking 1 1/2” off all around and giving her square layers. By doing square layers Cheryl was able to receive that extra volume without loosing length or exposing too much. I freshened up her front angle and trimmed her bang as she is growing it out/wants to keep them long.

For her blowout I used lots of volumizing products. I used the Pure Abundance Style Prep, Volumizing Tonic and then blew her out. Once she was all dry and I went in and checked the haircut and then used some finishing products. I used Light Elements Smoothing fluid (to add shine) and the Pure Abundance Hair Potion. This product is one of my absolute FAVORITES! It gives you lots of volume at the root, keeps oil down and has a little hold in it. I am obsessed.



In the end Cheryl felt great about herself and her look for the fall and I was so happy to do it for her.