Shoesday Tuesday – Love Your Spots

Today’s Shoesday Tuesday is inspired by a multitude of things that all converge around my general fashion and life philosophy – “To thine ownself be true.” – which is also my first (and most likely favorite) tattoo.

Between all the recent “blame the victim” rape trials circulating lately and an overwhelming appreciation I have for the love and support coming my way currently in my personal life – this quote and philosophy have never seemed more important to bring back into the light.

To quote an article on pertaining to the fashion world’s move towards the so called “modesty trend” – and one writer’s (Faran Krentcil – ) particular opinion on it’s implications – “With fashion, we have the opportunity to create, explore, and celebrate the complex creatures we are, and those we want to be.”

Let us remember that women all around our world don’t always have this freedom. Let us use fashion as a way to create confidence, garner respect from others, and express ourselves creatively all at the same time. Let us uplift and enlighten those around us instead of shaming people for their personal choices.

Not everyone you come upon is going to appreciate you for the unique creature that you are – if you are lucky enough to find people that do (and you will be) – hold onto them tightly. If you want to be bold and loud – be bold and loud, if you want to be understated and quietly strong – be understated and quietly strong. But make those choices for yourself – do what feels right for you personally – and be steadfast.

To round this back to shoes – I present some eye candy relatable to a personal aesthetic of mine that I’ve been rockin’ proudly since junior high.

Screen shot 2013-04-02 at 11.46.10 AM

Get it (left to right, top to bottom): Metallic and Leopard Pointed Flats – $56, Cut Out L.A.M.B Pumps – $295, T-Strap Leopard Sandal – $600, Chunky Leopard Pump – $117, Ankle Strap Flat Sandal – $50, T-Strap Cap Toe Flat – $129

Love yourself and find someone who loves the you that you love.

And remember:



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