So I recently had a client in my chair that was experiencing a lot of hair loss. She had started taking a new medication and the result being hair loss/hair thinning. She asked me for some advise on what she can take or use and I figured this would be a wonderful opportunity to do some research and answer her questions.

So in my research I found that there are 3 ways of trying to aid in hair loss:
1. prescription medication or shampoo/conditioner
2. over the counter vitamins (biotin, b-complex, iron, fish oil)
3. over the counter shampoo/conditioners/treatments

I am going to focus on the over the counter shampoo/conditioners/treatments that I have tried or know that my friends or family have tried.

Rogaine: this is the oldest of the hair growth products in the market. It is a foam that you apply to the effected area daily. How Rogaine works is that the active ingredient reinvigorates the shrunken hair follicles which increase their size and help hair grow. It does seem to work but it will not bring back a full head of hair. However it thickens the existing hair on your head and allows for new hair to grow.


Thymuskin: this is an over the counter shampoo that is good for both men and women. How it works is that it penetrates the hair follicle and cleanses it of all dirt, oil, and buildup to allow the hair to grow. This works great for prevention of future hair loss, especially if you have a medical condition that is aiding in the hair loss.


Aveda Invati System: This is a fairly new product for Aveda. The way it works is the shampoo works as an exfoliant that cleanses the scalp of oil (sebum) and build up. This allows for the existing hair that is trapped under the buildup to come out and grow. The conditioner thickens the hair and restores the hairs strength. The last part of the system is scalp revitalizer. You apply this directly to the scalp once shampooed/conditioned and massage it in. This reinvigorates the scalp to allow for hair growth.


There are many products out there, but these 3 seem to be the most effective. Remember these aren’t quick fixes. Whichever road you take to allow for your hair to grow it takes time and you have to continue to use the products to see the best results. Happy hair growth!

xx Jessina

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