Adore-purple hair color

Adore-purple hair color

Before and After

Before and After

Aveda Damage Remedy

Aveda Damage Remedy

Beautiful Keriann!

Beautiful Keriann!

So the lovely Kerriann (our blog creator) is one of my favorite clients. She always wants to change up her look and do something fun and creative. This time around Kerriann went from having a dark to light ombre to a dark to PURPLE ombre. We also cut about 3 inches off of her length and gave her lots of fun layers to give her lots of volume and movement. I am going to outline what I did:

1. I first applied a single process color on her new-growth. This time around Kerriann wanted to go a shade darker so I did not have to worry about not being able to lift the color. I used Aveda color and the formula is 4n+ violet/red + 10volume.

2. I then applied the color to her mid-lengths. I used a different formula as she had previously colored in this area. I used Aveda color and the formula is 4n + violet/red + 20volume.

3. For her ends I was going to have to get it as light as possible so that the purple color would stick. I used enlightener and 10 volume on ½ her head and then enlightener and 20 volume on the other ½ so that it would lift all at the same time. Instead of back-combing (as you normally do for an ombre) I took sections of her hair and put them in a foil and feathered the enlightener up so not to create a line. I also did not leave any hair out as Kerriann wanted her ends to be all be purple. I processed it until it got close to pale yellow, with no heat.

4. Once she was fully processed I started by rinsing out the single process first and slowly started rinsing out the foils as not to darken her ends. I rinsed it throughly and then used the Aveda Damage Remedy shampoo and hair masque. I wanted to impart a lot of strength and protein to Kerriann’s hair as we were doing a lot of different processes to it.

5. Once she was throughly shampooed I towel dried her hair and put the 2 different purple colors in 2 bowls. I then went back thru all the sections that were lightened and painted in the purple using the same foiling technique as for the lightening process. You must make sure to saturate each section thoroughly as not to allow the blonde to shine thru. I used the Adore brand of hair color. You must let this sit under heat for up to 15minutes. If you can not put it under heat let it sit longer and put a towel on your head to generate some heat from your scalp.

6. Once the 15 minutes were up I rinsed again and shampooed and conditioned again. The end result was a beautiful, creative ombre that looked amazing on Kerriann!



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