Hi Everyone!

After 2 1/2 long years and lots of hard work and dedication I have been promoted to a stylist position at Scott J/Aveda!!!! I am so overjoyed to be able to say that my dream of being a stylist in NYC has come true. This career change came right before my 30th birthday. When you are creeping into 30 your reflect and think “Am I happy”, “Do I like/love my job”, “What am I doing with my life”. And when I answered those questions I realized I needed a change and change was hair. I have been doing hair for years (non-professionally) and wanted to make it a real life dream and now it is!

So if anyone would like to have their hair done by me here are the details for the salon: Scott J/Aveda 2929 Broadway 2nd Floor, btw 114th and 115th, 212-496-3902, ask for Jessina. I also attached some images of hair I have done.

Look forward to seeing you in my chair….woohoo!



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