New Year, New Hair

HAPPY NEW YEAR! (and a belated Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah).


I have been thinking about resolutions and why do we make them. Do we make them because we feel like we didn’t do enough this past year or do we make them for a fresh start…what do you kids think? This new year I am reflecting back to this past year and thinking about how to go forward and make some changes in my life a.k.a resolutions. Like every person I definitely want to work out more and take better care of my health/loose some weight. I want to continue working on my craft and improving my skills everyday. Lastly I have had this fun short haircut for 2 years now and have decided to let it grow out….long hair here I come.



2013 should be called the year of daring hair! Looking into the new year one of the biggest hair trends is going to be the Side Part. I know your saying side part, how is that a trend. Well there are many ways of doing it, deep side part, textured side part, sleek side part, side part with braid and the trend goes on and on. Its all about reinventing something that seems so simple and making it your own.




Another big trend in 2013 is Platinum Blonde Hair. Going platinum makes a true statement and you will definitely stand out in a crowd. However going platinum is not for the faint of heart. It can be very damaging to your hair and you will have to be at the salon much more often then usual. However if you take care of your hair and make sure you speak to your stylist about preserving the integrity of your hair and this will look beautiful.






A really daring new look for men in 2013 is the Undercut. This used to be considered a hair cut only for the young, but thanks to shows like Boardwalk Empire this haircut is being brought back. If you decide to get this haircut just remember that this does not work on everyone. If you have curly hair I wouldn’t recommend it since it will be difficult to slick your hair back (unless you want to put in the work blowdrying/styling). Also consider your face shape if you have a very round shaped face this haircut may accentuate that. However this haircut can be modified and I think is a really sexy look for men this upcoming season.


Get your resolutions in place and remember the best change you can make is to your hair. It will change your look, mood and self esteem. Happy New Year everyone. I hope this year brings you everything your heart desires.





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