My first facial!


Being a makeup artist I always stress that a canvas that is well prepped and taken care of equals smooth application. And that canvas is your face! I take care of my skin, but I’ve never gotten a facial until today. Today I had the pleasure of getting a Webb Of Transformation by Ashley Webb. The environment that Ashley created was beyond relaxing. Even the music being played in the background was the perfect playlist. It was exactly what I needed after an 8 hour work day. She started off by removing my makeup. Then she cleansed my face ,neck and chest. My skin was exfoliated and then toned. The unpleasant part only lasted a couple minutes which consisted of her removing the white heads on and around my nose. She then used something to calm my skin before applying a mask for 10 minutes. Once the mask was removed she massaged a moisturizer into my skin. She even exfoliated my lips and finished it off with this amazing lip balm. All of her products smelled amazing, some of which she made her self with natural ingredients. For my first facial this was the ultimate experience. Once my session was done I felt like I had a new face and completely relaxed. My skin looks great besides some redness from the squeezing, which she advised will subside. Can’t wait to see how radiant I look in the morning after some well deserved rest tonight.

Check out her Instagram @webboftransformation for great tips and to book an appointment if you’re in the NY area

-Keisha taught you 😉

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