Shoesday Tuesday – All I Want (and would never ask) For Christmas

Now that Thanksgiving is over – it’s that time of the year to be bombarded by Christmas everywhere you go.

My family is big into celebrations and presents. And I am big into asking for shoes. However, I’m a realistic wisher.

If I weren’t – though – this is what I’d start with. A girl can dream, right?

Get it: (Upper Left and Headed Clockwise) YSL Mirrored Pump – $1,030, Glitter Heeled Mary Janes – $690, Marni Gold Heeled Ankle Boots – $1,000, Studded T-Straps – $850, Studded Wrapped Bow Boot – $1,495, Pointed Toe Bow Louboutins -$895, Multi Color Oxford T-Straps – $675, Copper Cut Out Peep Toes -$795, Red Lace Strappy Sandal -$895

For our IRL shoes – here’s a sampling of what is actually on my Christmas list.

Glitter Platform Pump – $50, Studded Oxfords – $11, Taupe Mesh Oxfords -$26, Leopard Bow Kitten Heel – $33

All budget conscious options. Go grab them yourself. We can be twins. I won’t be mad about it.


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