So recently at work some of the stylists have been talking about chalking hair. I pretended I knew what they were talking about but really had no clue (haha). So last week I had the pleasure of learning about chalking and be a model. This is a fun way of using pop colors in your hair without the commitment as it washes right out. Here are the steps to chalking your hair.

-Buy a non oil based chalk. Try and use something that is higher in quality as the colors will be richer, so no sidewalk chalk.

-Make sure your hair is damp.

-Apply a pomade to the area that is going to be chalked. Again try and not to use something oil based because once the chalk is applied it can rub off if too oily.

-Take a section of your hair and twist it and start applying the chalk to the area you want. You just need to rub the chalk onto your hair you may have to do this for a minute. Use multiple colors throughout your hair for a funky look or a different color on the ends for an ombre effect.

-Apply a hairspray, something that goes on wet.

-Flat iron the section of your hair with the chalk to set it.

-Apply hairspray one last time and voila you are chalked!

So go out there and buy some chalk and have fun with colors. Remember it washes out so it isn’t permanent just a fun new technique to give you a little pop!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone, hope you all have a wonderful day filled with laughter, joy and food!!!!!



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