I hope that all of you are ok post the wake of Hurricane Sandy. I feel very fortunate that my apartment in New Jersey was fine and we were able to be a safe haven for our friends. It is so sad that homes are still without power, heat or hot water. We need to get out there and help our neighbors in need.


So this week I want to talk about the tousled, easy wind blown hair look.


1. Dampen hair and add a wave enhancing product such as Sally Hershberger’s Wave Enhancing Foam or Sachajuan Ocean Mist Spray.

2. Either using a diffuser or your hands dry hair with high heat and low speed on your hair dryer and scrunching while you dry. If you are using your hands to scrunch be careful to no let your hair get to frizzy.


3. Once your hair is dry you can use a curling iron. I recommend a 1” curling iron or curling wand and just take random pieces of hair and wrap your hair around the iron and release downward. This will give a little more structure to that wind blown/beach look.


4. Finish your hair with a light hairspray like Aveda’s Air Control.





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