I started doing my bestie Alena’s hair a little less then a year ago. We started out by doing an ombre on her. Her base color was a mid reddish brown and every time I touched up the base color I would add more ombre pieces. Eventually Alena had a full ombre (she wanted to start off slowly because she didn’t want too much of a shock) This past weekend she decided to go all one color. She wanted the end result to be a deeper chocolate shade, her inspiration being Reese Witherspoon in “Walk the Line”. Here is step by step of what we did.

1. First I had to fill in the ombre pieces, because if we had put the end result color on her the ombre would still shine thru. I used a demi permanent brown color with no tones and had it sit for 30 minutes. (Color formula: 5n + ½ creme cta and ½ liquid cta-Aveda color line)


2. We washed and dried her ends.


3. Alena only had less then 1” of new growth so it was not required to create 2 formulas for her new growth and ends. If she did have lots of new growth I could have created two formulas just to avoid hot root or having a difference between the new growth and mid-lengths and ends.


4. I applied the new color on her new growth first. Then I went thru section by section and applied it to the mid-lengths and ends. Doing it this way was time consuming, however it is very important to make sure that the hair is evenly saturated so that the old color does not come thru. (Color formula: ½ 5n + ½ 4n + dark yellow/orange + dark blue/violet + 20 volume)


5. After processing for 30 minutes I rinsed the color out thoroughly and did 1 shampoo with Aveda’s Color Conserve shampoo. This shampoo is very gentle, helps lock in the color for longer, prevents fading and has a wonderful wintergreen aroma. I then applied a shine coat on her hair. (Color formula: 0n + creme cta) The shine coat gave her added shine and more softness to her hair. We had that sit for 5 minutes, for added results you could have the shine coat sit for a full 20 minutes. We did 1 more shampoo with Aveda’s Dry Remedy (for added moisture) and then I used the Aveda Dry Remedy Hair Masque.


6. And voila Alena’s color is rich and beautiful and she is ready for fall.




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