Shoesday Tuesday: Sneaking Around

It’d be difficult to find a type of shoe more popular than the sneaker – especially in our country. From kids to grandparents, men and women – everyone has a pair of sneakers (at least) in their shoe collection.

You’d be hard pressed, however, to see me wearing a pair. In my estimated 80+ pairs of shoes – 2 are of the sneaker variety. (And they are both leopard printed.. see IRL shoe down below.) But thank goodness this blog isn’t just about me.

Let’s see what’s happening in the world of sneakers. It’ll be a learning experience for us both.

The Classics: You can never go wrong with a classic -this rule applies to much more than sneakers.


Get it: (upper left hand corner going clockwise) Blue High Top Chucks – $72, Red Low Top Lace Ups – $26, Gray Low Top Trainers – $64, Pink and White Pumas – $42, Gray and Blue Neutral Sneakers – $70, Red and White Pumas – $44, White Keds – $64, Vintage Nike High Tops – $114

The Studded: One of the biggest trends for Fall 2012 has edged it’s way into the land of sneakers as well.


Get it: (upper left hand corner going clockwise) Studded Side Zip High Tops – $775, White Studded High Tops – $190, Studded Toe Cap High Tops – $70, Studded Heel Black Lace Ups – $600, Worn in Studded Velcro High Tops – $225, Silver To Cap Low Tops – $495, Studded Velcro Wedge – $130, Gold MiuMiu Toe Cap Low Tops – $495, Studded High Top Converses – $245, Black Studded Platforms – $30

The Prints: Prints aren’t just for dresses and blouses -how about throwing a floral onto your Low Tops?


Get it: (upper left hand corner going clockwise) Printed Kenzo Low Tops – $125, Comic Book High Tops – $59.99, Yves Saint Laurent Leopard High Tops – $785, Yellow Flower Printed Low Tops – $125, Coral Printed Keds – $55, Superman Converses – $27, Red Leopard Low Tops – $50, Striped Kenzo Flats – $125, DayGlo Low Top Converses -$45, Vintage Star High Tops – $340, Tan Star Keds – $26, Platform Zebra High Tops – $40

The Wedge: Taking a cue from Isabel Marant – now everyone’s doing it!


Get it: (upper left hand corner going clockwise) Leopard Wedge Sneakers – $295, Multi Color Giuseppe Zanotti Wedges – $567, Yellow and Blue Velcro Wedges – $45, Spiked Heel Tan Wedges – $43, Shades of Blue Laceup Wedge – $250, Extra High Top Red Chloe Wedges – $740, Denim Lace Up Embellished Sneaker Wedges – $120, Brown and Red Suede Wedges -$280, Gray Studded Bakers – $69, Pink Spiked Velcro Wedges – $48.95

Today’s IRL shoe comes from yours truly yet again. As I said earlier – I own two pairs of sneakers, both of which happen to be leopard. Converse helped a sister out and designed Low Tops in leopard. But I’m more of a High Top kind of girl (often pairing them with skirts, to the disgust of my best friend) – and after searching high and low for them about four years ago and striking out; I decided to take matters into my own hands.


Now that you know what’s out there – Which style is your cup of tea?

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