Shoesday Tuesday – Mini-Me’s

Although it’s not anywhere close to being a possibility in my current life – for lots of ladies (and gents), an important part of being stylish is passing on those talents to the little ones. Their children. For me personally – I believe I hold that responsibility for my niece. So let me help you out. Next time you have a baby shower to attend – you’ll be prepared.

Just in case you want to see what’s trending for kids’ footwear this Fall – here’s what’s happening at the trade shows.

Over sized rain boots? Miniature Uggs? Furry Boots? and lots of Metallics?

In case that’s not your style – check out some of my favorites.

For the gents –

Get it: (top left corner and headed clockwise) Panda Vans Slip Ons – $30, Fendi Logo Lace Up Sneakers – $209, Vans Classic Slip Ons – $30, Brown Suede Velcroe Sneakers – $46, Houndstooth Back Slip Ons – $24, White and Gray Lace Ups – $42, Spiderman Velcroe Sneakers – $48, Ralph Lauren Neutral Boat Shoes – $50, Multi Neutral Velcroe Slip Ons – $68, Superhero Slip Ons – $30, Mutli Colored Skull Slip Ons – $37

And the ladies –

Get it: (top left corner headed clockwise) Waterproof Washable Pink Slip Ons – $30, Pink Hello Kitty Sneakers – $35, Tiny Toms Leopard Booties – $36, Silver Bow Mary Janes – $40, Geometric Classic Slip On – $32, Patent Leather Strapped Boots – $51, Silver Ruffle Mary JanesĀ – $44, Purple Owl Sneakers – $37, Big Red Bow Ballet Flats – $17, Pink Puma Slip On Sneakers – $45, City Sky Line Boots – $51

Apparently Piperlime is the Go To stop for Kids’ shoes this fall.

And for today’s IRL shoe – we look to my favorite Mini Human (and indirectly her awesome Momma) – my niece Annalise.

Adorable printed boot with multiple bows? Aunt Mallorie approves.



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