Fashion Week Part Deux!

So fashion week is officially over and as always it was amazing and inspiring. The hairstyles were all about innovation and looking into the future. There were sleek up-dos, edgy, morning-after styles, and flat-ironed waves. So ladies take a cue from fashion week and get your hair did.


This tucked under braid was seen at the Jason Wu show. To get the “wet and shiny” look, dampen the hair and apply a shine elixir. Then make a deep side part and brush the hair back at the ear, keeping the front section loose. The back section of hair should be tightly braided just against the scalp, then rolled under and pinned. Pin the front section into a finger curl and set the look with a generous spritz of strong hold hairspray.



This feminine and flirty look was seen at the Tory Burch show. If your hair is not very long you can add hair extensions to achieve this look. Braid the hair into a low braid and use a clear elastic at the end. To relax the style, pull pieces of the braids apart for an un-done, wispy effect. The great thing about this look is that it is effortless and you do not need to use hair products to achieve it. So if you are a girl on the go you can achieve this look quickly and look fantastic.



The roughed-up ponytails at Marc Jacobs were very rock n’ roll and New York.  To create this über cool-girl look, spray your hair with a prep spray and then rough dry (after combing in a deep side part). Add dry shampoo at the roots and crown, to give the hair major lift, gathered it all back into a ponytail at the nape, and pulled out a few random strands for that morning-after look.


So girls go out there with these new looks and look your most fabulous selves!!!!!





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