Shoesday Tuesday – It’s time to Boot up!

As fall is creeping closer and closer towards us – I’m embracing every degree the temperature drops and have already been seen outside the house in boots twice.

I mentioned last week that aside from Betsey, the only shoes I splurge on is a sweet pair of boots. Splurging has a different definition for everyone so let’s cover all the bases.

Boots under $50 – see below:

Get it (upper left corner and around clockwise): Strappy Gray Mid Calf Boot – $20, Stitched Tassle Boot – $36, Buckled Lace Up Boots – $37, Lace Up Ankle Boot – $23.95, Buckled Purple Suede Boots – $43, Exposed Zip Lace Up Boot – $50, Buckle Up Short Boot – $14.86, Fold Over Combat Boot – $50, Studded Cuff Ankle Boot – $35,  Buckled Up Heeled Boot – $32, Blue Lace Up Casual Boots – $32, Studded Moto Boot – $42, Brown Suede Rustic Boot – $45

Got a little more dough? $50-100 right this way:

Get it (row by row – left to right): Folder Over Grey Button Boots – $65, Riveted Buckle Back Boot – $65, Covered Button Boot – $80, Lace Around Suede Bootie – $75, Double Zip Ankle Boot – $100, Stud Buckle Boots – $81, Colorblock Suede Boots – $79, Victorian Boots – $60, Floral Combat Boots – $66, Braided Taupe Heels – $90, Studded Buckle Showstopper Boots – $90

And just in case you got a new job – or a raise at your old one here’s the $100-250 set:

Get it (upper left corner and around clockwise): Gold Embroidered Heeled Ankle Boot – $169, Cut Out Studded Heel Boots – $180, Studded Steve Madden’s – $169, Black Heeled Wellies – $145, Ankle Strap Knee High Boot – $240, Leather Buckle Wooden Heeled Boot – $204, Starburst Studded Steve Madden Bootie – $149, Take Charge Bootie – $120, Suede Boot with Mirrored Heel – $210, High Heeled Zip Blue Boot – $195, Wrap Strap Boots – $198, Double Strap Ankle Boot – $130

And today’s IRL boot yet again comes from the blogger herself. Here’s my go-to boot from last year that have made their way out of the closet once already this pre-fall.

Do yourself a favor and go buy some knee socks while you’re at it!


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