Shoesday Tuesday: Savoring Summer

So it’s officially almost the end of summer and the countdown begins to September 22nd and falling leaves. The fashion rule of thumb says “No white after labor day,” but supposedly rules were meant to be broken. But, in case you are a stickler for rules – maybe the following eye candy will sway you.

Get it: (from top left, going clockwise) White Studded Gladiator Sandal – $16, Eyelet Courts in White and Tan – $100, Christian Louboutin Ankle Strap Pumps – $waytoomuch, White Studded Ankle Boots – $50, Stud Slippers – $64, Alice + Olivia Strappy Heel – $207, White Sling Back – $80, Lundberg Ankle Boot – $79, Metal Cap Mary Janes – $, Studded Wedge Sandal – $43, Saddle Shoes – $60, Phillip Lim Pumps – $450

And just in case you insist on keeping with tradition – check out some pre fall favorites to make you forget about the beach and look forward to thigh high socks!

Get it: (from top left, going clockwise) Ace Brown Ankle Boot – $750, Leather Lace Up Boots – $79, Cut Out Bootie – $don’tevenlook, Zara Studded Ankle Boot – $129, Givenchy Lace Up Boot – $don’tevenlookpart2, Leopard Open Toe Bootie – $whydoIkeeppickingsuchexpensiveshoes, Jessica Simpson Patched Leather Ankle Boot – $140, Alexander McQueen Cut Out Bootie – $seriouslyI’msorry, Alice + Olivia Suede Ankle Boot – $, Alaia Suede and Mesh Bootie – $nextpostwillbebargainshoes!, Front Strap Wooden Platforms – $okaylastone

For a cheaper option – today’s IRL shoe again comes from yours truly. These babies are my favorite all-year-round-started-out-comfortable-but-now-they-kind-of-hurt amazing shoe for a night on the town. And I got them on sale! Even better. TopShop, ladies.

Seriously – next week – bargain shoes. Get ready because I’m really good at it!!



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