I watched the Morgan Spurlock documentary Mansome, that asked the question “what is the definition of masculinity”. There was a large array of celebrities, non-celebrities, experts and beards-man talking about how men take care of themselves physically and what grooming means for all different types of men. The part of the documentary I found most interesting was when men discussed facial hair. I did not realize there were so many different types of facial hair out there and how much men were attached to having it. I know that I have always liked a scruffy guy but who knew there were so many types!

The Baldo: This is a variation of the goatee, except the mustache and goatee are not connected. The goatee is shaped to form an upside down letter “T” and can be worn sans mustache.

The Full Beard: The full beard is a very traditional style of facial hair and can be a good option for those with a weak jawline.

The Chin Strap: Also known as a chin curtain, the chin strap follows the jawline in a neatly trimmed “strap” of hair. This style can be worn with or without the mustache.

The Chin Strip: The chin strip, like a soul patch, is a strip of hair that grows just below the center of the lips. This patch of hair extends to the point at which the chin begins to turn under.

The Wide Goatee: This style resembles the goatee, except that the sides just below the mustache extend outward towards the ear lobes.

The Door Knocker: This is a great option for men who have strong growth around the mouth but less dense growth on the cheeks and sideburns. Commonly called a “goatee” today and also known as the “Van Dyke,” this style is quite popular among men and can help disguise a weak jawline and add the illusion of length to a round face.

The Goatee: About the same width as the mouth, a goatee can help give the illusion of length to a round face.

Manicured Scruff/5 O’Clock Shadow: This incredibly popular style gives the impression that the wearer is easy going, yet still concerned with being well groomed. For this style, the beard is grown for about a week and the neck is shaved clean as it would be for a traditional beard. A good option for the balding guy.

Mutton Chops: Essentially long sideburns, mutton chops look like a beard with the goatee shaved out. Appropriate for bikers, rock stars, and artists.

The Soul Patch: The soul patch is a small patch of hair that grows just below the bottom lip. This style can be worn narrow or extended towards the corners of the mouth.

…and the list goes on and on.



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