Shoesday Tuesday

“I have stronger emotions towards footwear than I do for any humans” – The ManRepeller

What is it about shoes exactly? I’m not sure. But, I think we all just need to admit that when you’re feeling blue – even just looking at a bunch of pretty shoes can lighten your mood. It definitely makes me feel better about life.
And it’s just a fact that when you wake up feeling too tired to go to work, if you throw on a pair of exciting shoes (that maybe also take a little bit of extra focus to walk in successfully) you’ll wake up and feel that much more ready to face the day. So let’s pretend that I have the means to buy anything I see on the internet and revel in some beauty.

Get it: (starting at upper left corner and heading around in a circular motion)                Purple Bow Flats – H&M $16, Spring Ballet Bow Flats – $44,      Colorblock Brandley Wedges – Aldo $49, Nude Studded Slipper – $49, Paris Pointed Colorblock Pumps – $47, Bow Strap Velvet Mary Jane – $40, Lace Up Flat – $21, Magical Peacock Pumps that only exist on the interweb – free??, Colorblock Flat – H&M $20, Madden Girl Jacobz Oxford – $50, ColorMatching Platform Pumps – $19.37, ColorBlock Platform Sandals – H&M $39

As if that colorful explosion wasn’t enough for you – let’s take two of my obsessions and throw them together.

Shoes + Bows.


And just so you have a little more faith in humanity – here’s my IRL (in real life) shoe of the week.

These are my coworker’s Vivienne Westwood knock offs. Making our office a better place.


2 thoughts on “Shoesday Tuesday

  1. Mer- Unfortunately, this shoe belongs to the interent. I found it on Pinterest and the original poster did not writhe the source! This could be an amazing DIY project, and glue little bows to T-strap heels!!!! Let us know if you try it out!
    xo Mal

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