Beat the Heat with a Headband!

So it being August and so hot/humid I thought I would talk about my favorite summer trend, headbands! Headbands are no longer just to push your hair back while in a rush, they are now a true fashion statement. You can change your entire look by choosing the right headband to accentuate your outfit or hair. So this summer to beat the heat throw on a cute headband!!!

Romantic headbands: Tap into your ultimate flower child and throw on a floral headband. This romantic look adds a softness and femininity to any look and gives you a retro look with a modern sensibility.


Bohemian headbands: The headbands can be glammed up with glitter, trendy prints, leather, and have a very modern retro feel. You can wear these headbands skinny or thick on your head or over your forehead for a more stylish look.

Luxe headbands: You can add a modern twist to your formal or party look by putting on a luxe headband. You can sport the classy silky headbands to radiate grown up glamor and femininity. You can also accentuate headband designs complemented with bow or other flirty details.



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