Brow Me!


Brows are making statements. They’re taking over the runways, editorial spreads and the fashionistas are showing em off on the streets. It’s all about the full brow ladies. Here I’m going to show you how to achieve a sleek full brow wether you just need a little filling in because you already have full brows or If you have thin brows and want them full.

Step 1:Brush your eyebrows with and eyebrow brush so that the hairs are in place and so that you can see the shape.


Step 2: Using an angled brush and eyeshadow (Try to stay in the brown family. Try a really dark brown if you have really dark hair. Avoid using black eyeshadow. Can look too intense and not so natural for everyday) follow the shape of your eyebrow along the brow bone.


Step 3: Using the eyebrow brush again you want to brush the shadow into the rest of the brow. This gives you a natural look instead of that hard line. You want to brush up to brush in the shadow.


Step 4: Using concealer ( I used a concealer one shade lighter than my normal shade) and a angled or thin square flat brush follow the shape of your brow just under the hairs.


Step 5: Go ahead and blend out where you put the conclealer with your foundation.



Finished look. Brows that are making statements! 😉


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