Curl it Out

Curl it Out

So now that we are in the full swing of summer and the humidity is so strong, so many people have issues with their hair. I have had a lot of conversations with the clients in my salon about their fight of the frizz and the difficulty of keeping their blow-drys pretty all day. The advise I give them is to embrace their curl and have fun with curly hair.

Here are some tips for embracing your curl and fighting the frizz:
-Make sure you buy a product that is a curl enhancer but also has humidity defense. You could buy a gel but I recommend buying one that has medium hold as using something with strong hold will just make your hair crunchy. Also when using products don’t overuse. Take a quarter size amount and emulsify it in your hands and work from the ends up. This will avoid you getting an oily scalp and if you feel the need to put more product in go right ahead, it is better to start off with less and build up.
-Curly hair should not be washed everyday as it tends to be dryer then straight hair. Try and let some time pass between washes as that will prevent frizz and stop your hair from getting dry.
-If you have long hair wet it down and put it in a braid. Once your hair is dry take out the braid and shake it out. Use a light/medium hold hairspray or a salt water spray. This will give you that beachy, california, surfer girl look.
-If you have shorter hair wet it down then put your hair into little twists. Use a light/medium gel mixed with a curl enhancer. Once your hair is dry it will have a really nice even curl from root to tip.
-You can also put some product in your hands and make small twists of your hair, then diffuse. By making these small twists and then diffusing you will have a controlled curl. Once dry you can shake your hair out with your fingers and you will have that big, beautiful, fluffy curl.
-A great tip when using a diffuser is to keep the heat high and the speed low. Do not touch your hair a lot with your hands while diffusing, this will prevent your hair from getting frizzy.

So my wavy/curly haired friends don’t forget that your curls are beautiful and unique and need to be celebrated. CURL IT OUT!!!!



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