There is a new secret in the hair world, men color there hair……gasp! Men are no longer relegated to using “Just for Men”, they are coming into salons for their color just like women do and have no shame about it. Men have the same color concerns as women:

-covering grey
-adding highlights
-creating a more dimensional over-all color

I think that as with women men need to remember to keep it natural. I think that is more of a bigger concern for men as they tend to wear their hair shorter. This is most definitely the case with getting highlights. Make sure that they are placed where your hair is the longest, once you move to the shorter hair you will look very blotchy. When covering grey make sure to find a color that matches your natural color best as this will make the grey blending much easier. Another point when getting a single process for grey blending you will most likely have to get it every time you get your haircut as cutting the hair will cut the color away.

One of my favorite celebrity crushes is David Beckham. What I love about him is that he is always reinventing himself and he uses his hair as his main tool of reinvention. He never seems to shy away from getting funky and letting his hair make a statement. Guys go into the salon and talk to your stylist tell them you are ready for a hair change….that change may just be color! Have fun with color and don’t forget you are never too manly for color!



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