The cats MEOW

The cats MEOW

Who loves a good cat eye besides my girl Cat Woman? I know I do. To me it’s very sexy, gives great shape to the eye and adds a little something to a simple makeup look. Clients always ask me “How do you get the line so perfect?!” Well above all, PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. But of course I’m going to show you how to achieve a good cat eye with liquid eye liner with simple and easy steps anyone can follow.

Step 1: Start at the outer corner of your eye drawing a diagonal line towards your temple ( you can make the line as long as you want, but start with a shorter line until you get comfortable).

Step 2:  Draw a line from the inner corner of the eye aong the lashline connecting it to the end point of your first line (do your best to keep the thickness of your line about the same width of the felt tip brush of the eyeliner).
Step 3: Fill in any open space  after both points are connected. Try not to blink too much so that the liner can dry and not smudge.
Voilà! You have a perfect cat eye.
Once you’ve gotten comfortable enough and have developed a steady hand , you can get real fancy and try the following:
The Egyptian cat eye: Draw a line along you crease line starting at the end point .
The Amy Winehouse: 
Product usedMAC Super slick liquid eye liner in On The Hunt.
-Remember Keisha taught you 😉

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