Color of the year!

Color of the year!

For those of my lovelies that may not know we have a color for the year. That color is called Tangerine Tango. We have Pantone to thank for choosing such a vibrant eyecatching color that you’ll see go from the runways to the streets.
To show my appreciation and love for the color I decided to show you guys a few ways you can wear this vibrant color without walking out your house looking like Bobo the clown.

Make heads turn with a bold cat eye. I used a white eyeliner to create the shape then I filled it in with the powder. The white pencil helps grab hold to the powder to show the true color of the pigment. Keep everything else simple. A nice nude lip and a shimmering highlighting bronzer to give you that perfect glow.

On Nadia’s Eyes: MAKEUP FOREVER Star powder #952


With a bold lip color like this you’ll keep them locked into every word that comes out of that fabulous mouth of yours. Again the trick is to keep everything else suttle but load up on coats of mascara for long thick lashes.

On Nadias Lips: MAC lip pencil in REDD and MAC matte lipstick in Lady Danger.


Make em blush with peachy cheeks. I’ve noticed this color helps bring out that gorgeous tan we’ve all gotten running around doing errands while still trying to fit in some play time during these hot summer days in NYC.

On ME: I used Pantone for Sephora duo blush along with MAKEUP FOREVER eyeshadow/ blush #47 on my cheeks. To highlight I used MAC highlighting blush in Margin.


-Keisha taught you 😉

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